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Hobikken Indoor Playhouse – Favorite Kids Playhouse

April 29, 2011 By: archinhome Category: Furniture

This favorite hiding place in the house. Kids needs fun everyday, one of kid’s favorite is playing hide and seek game. If you want give something for your kids hope kids become fun, might this Hobikken Indoor Playhouse can become a choice.
Made of wood as main material, is the most rustic of the collection. Yet still, its avant-garde design makes it a modern indoor cottage which is warm at the same time.

Hobikken Indoor Playhouse - Favorite Kids Playhouse

Interior Design with Wooden Boards on Floor, Wall and Ceiling

April 25, 2010 By: archinhome Category: Interior Design, Modern House Design

Here are collection from Harper & Sandilands, interior design with wooden boards on floor, wall and ceiling. Harper & Sandilands is the company that specialize in premium wood floors and matched to them elements of decor. They are using American Oak, American Walnut, Manchurian Walnut and Larch to achieve very unique finishes and colors for their products. For further detail visit Harper & Sandilands site. Via

Interior Design with Wooden Boards (more…)

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