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Ultra Comfortable Sofa from Blå Station

December 03, 2013 By: archinhome Category: Furniture

Blå Station has ideas to create the ultra comfortable sofa and armchair from pillows. This is one of its creation that reflecting  this ideas. Many pillows with nice shapes organize excellent conditions for your relaxing after long working day. The Dunder sofa consits of several big cushions to sit on and a lot of small to lean your back and to rest your arm on them. You could experiment and create amazing combinations from several such sofas and armchairs. Bright colors make this unusual uplostered furniture adaptable to modern interiors and it easily could to fresh any room design. For further information detail visit Blå Station site. Source


Calypso Chair, Multi-Function and Transformable Chair by Brandon Allen

April 21, 2011 By: archinhome Category: Chair Design, Sofas Design

This minimalist, multi-function and transformable chair. For siting and can accommodate something that is as saving space. This is Calypso Chair work of Brandon Allen, this solution for you. Because of transformable, this chair can become a two sided chair. It can also fold in on itself and become a table. It provides users with different sitting positions from studying, writing to having an informal conferencing. Underneath the chair you’ll find a quite large storage space, as well as a place to store the backrest of the chair for an additional surface area on top.

Calypso Chair, Multi-Function and Transformable Chair by Brandon Allen

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