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Tips to Deal Limited Space Apartment

May 27, 2011 Apartments Design, Interior Design

Tips to Deal Limited Space Apartment Choose life at apartment become a choice most of people at big city. Because life at apartment more simple, modern and personal. But life at apartment usually clashed with the problem of limitations of existing space. How to solve this problem? has some suggestions for solve it:

Tips to Deal Limited Space Apartment

1. Choose simple furniture, you should choose simple furniture for comfort living. Large size of furniture placed at narrow space, it will make space become full. So make uncomfortable living.

2. Cleverly choosing interior furniture. Such: choose a sofa that can become as a bed, choose shelves that can become as room divider while for book storage, magazines, photo and others. Choose multifunction furniture to save space.

3. Use neutral color to give wide effect to the room, use neutral color such Grey or white. Use bright color just for some furniture. Avoid using dark color because it will make the room feels narrow.

4. Choose lighting with bright light, because it will make the room feels wide and free.

5. Use mirror, it will help to give impression of expand the room. It can placed at main room, dining room or bedroom.

Hope this tips useful for you. Good luck.

Tips to Deal Limited Space Apartment

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