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Common Problems with Bay Window Installation

June 03, 2015 Guest Post

Bay windows can really add beauty and value to any home. They are beautiful architecture features, they can make a room feel bigger, flood the space with light, and more. They add interest to a home, both from the inside and the outside. The trouble is, bay windows can pose problems with installation if they are not done by a professional.


The most common issue that can be encountered when installing a bay window is improper insulation. If improperly insulated, a bay window can lead to increased energy costs, trouble keeping the room properly heated and cooled, etc. If not insulated properly during insulation, often the only recourse is the take out the window and re-installs it from scratch, with the right amount of insulation. This can be a very costly mistake to fix. When it comes to installation, bay window installation Toronto homeowners are strongly advised to hire a professional window installer.
Choosing the right location for your bay window is also important, as the wrong location can cause problems during installation. Before you choose the location, consider things such as the direction the window would face (important to maximize sun exposure), the direction and amount of wind your area typically receives, and more. Also consider the view outside the window. Choose an area that offers a pretty view, as one of the principal benefits of bay windows is the panoramic views they offer. These considerations will ensure that you choose the right location for your window to get the maximum benefit of these beautiful windows.
Another common problem that one can encounter with having bay windows installed is an inexperienced installer. Always be sure you are hiring a qualified, licensed, and experienced window installer. More than that, always be sure the technician who will be working in your home has particular experience in installing bay windows. There are particular considerations that need to be made that are specific to bay windows, so experience in this area is always recommended. The best way to ensure you are getting a reputable window installer is to ask around for recommendations from trusted friends and family members. That way, you can be assured that the job will be done properly the first time, and if any problems arise later you have recourse to have them fixed by the professional installer.
Basically, properly installation of bay windows involves three things: Proper fitting, proper caulking/installation and proper placement of the window panes. Each of these elements requires proper experience and skills that most homeowners don’t have. For those reasons, it’s always recommended that you hire a professional installer to do the work for you. Not only will the job be done well, but with the work and parts guaranteed and under warranty, you can rest assured that if anything does go wrong (because even with the best installers things can happen) you will be able to have the problem fixed without additional cost to you.

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