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Hi-tech and Colorful Chic Outdoor Furniture by John Kell

January 09, 2014 By: archinhome Category: Furniture

Hi-tech and Colorful Chic Outdoor Furniture by John Kell

This collections from John Kelly, furniture set for outdoor space. The series of hi-tech and colorful chic outdoor furniture is called RHO Series. Creative ideas translate into a series of outdoor furniture, colorful and attractive. The collection is composed of a lounge chair, dining arm chair, round and square table, chaise lounge and a tray table. All objects features powder coated aluminum frames and eye appeal curves and angles. Thanks to such frames, the furniture is light-weight and resistant to corrosion and UV rays. All pieces of furniture are available in ten different colors. Besides they are also recyclable and environmental friendly.

Walnut Lounge Chair by Kurt Dexel

January 08, 2014 By: archinhome Category: Furniture

Walnut lounge chair by Kurt Dexel

Inspired walnut lounge chair

This picture of lounge chair, walnut lounge chair was designed by Kurt Dexel founder of Dexel Crafted. This chair called Boomerang Chair, this chair is a mid-century Danish-inspired lounge chair crafted from black walnut, eastern maple, and leather. The frame from wood with sharp line so look strong. Black walnut make this chair more comfortable and easy to clean weather it exposed of dirt. We can use it to relax, and other function. We can placed it in our living room, complete our interior furniture. The whole chair’s look is ravishing so it will a perfect addition to ravishing interiors. There is also an another product in Boomerang collection. Boomerang Love is a bench with similar to the chair’s design and ravishing look.

Cozy Dining Room Table Furniture

January 04, 2014 By: archinhome Category: Dining Room, Furniture

Cozy Dining Room Table Furniture

The main function of the dining room is a room to accommodate eating activity. But really, the meaning of the dining room is much broader than that. The dining room is one hub in the home stay. Often warm and relaxed conversation occurred at the dining table. At here family can speak from heart to heart in a familiar atmosphere. Many selection of dining table shapes and sizes, depending on the tastes and needs. Here are cozy dining room table furniture that can be used as selection.

Cozy Dining Room Table Furniture

Fine Furniture by Toby Howes Furniture

December 23, 2013 By: archinhome Category: Furniture

Toby Howes, he was graduated from King’s College, London with degree in Ecology. He is a designer maker of fine furniture, some of his design is bellow, Rocking Chair, Drinks Cabinet, Desk, Coffee Table, Welsh Dresser, Bedside Tables, Sideboard, Memory Box.

Fine Furniture by Toby Howes Furniture (more…)

Bed Bug Design by Paola Navone

December 22, 2013 By: archinhome Category: bedroom designs, Furniture

Bed Bug, design Paola Navone. The idea of the bed as real “night-time island” focused on the simplicity that welcomes to the maximum freedom.
Poliform night collection
Variety is the word to define the collection: sixteen different proposals, sixteen ideas for the night area;
functionality, design and emotions are joined together in beds with a strong personality. To complete the
choice there are “dedicated” containers, coherent in style, along with one multipurpose serie, which can be
freely combined. Conceived to really satisfy any resting requirements, this system includes also
mattresses, pillow and complements. More detail..

Bed Bug Design by Paola Navone

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