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Cutler Residence, Contemporary House Design by Murdock Young Architects

December 16, 2013 By: archinhome Category: contemporary house design

Description of Cutler Residence from Architects:
Perched on a bluff overlooking Block Island Sound, the property is a flag lot at the edge of a new subdivision, bordered on three sides by water, wetlands, and woods. The client asked us to design a house with a minimal impact on the pristine landscape, maximum exposure to the views and all the amenities of a year round vacation home.
The basic requirements of each space were considered integrally with the effects of sunlight, breezes and views. The house was conceived as a lens, continually framing and magnifying the subtle changes in the surrounding environment. [ Murdock Young Architects ]


Ridgewood Residence Design by Assembledge+, Takes Full Advantage of Southern California Climate

December 16, 2013 By: archinhome Category: contemporary house design

Designed by Assembledge+, Ridgewood Residence Located in the Larchmont area of Los Angeles.
Description from Architects :
This 2400 sq ft house takes full advantage of the Southern California climate with a series of areas that exploit the luxury of indoor/outdoor-living. The glass-cornered living room provides a viewing platform, which makes the experience of the space feel as though the occupant is outside. The full-length front porch is reminiscent of the surrounding neighborhood craftsman homes. The cedar siding, smooth white plaster, and-colored MDO panels provide a material palette to complement the refined forms and crisp geometries. The full height sliding glass wall at the rear yard allows the house to be completely opened up providing little distinction between indoor and outdoor.
Please visit Assembledge+ site for further detail about this Ridgewood Residence.


House at Punta Chilen by DRN, Site Offers an Open View

December 12, 2013 By: archinhome Category: contemporary house design

Description of House at Punta Chilen :
Located on the tip of a peninsula on the island of Chiloe, the site offers an open view of the horizon 360º around it and distant views over the Andes mountains where at least 8 volcanos can be seen (some of them still active). A rhythmic repetition of columns on the first floor carry the structure to the perimeter and generates changing shadows on the interiors. The oblique shape of the corten steel roof on the second floor defines an irregular perimeter opposed to the flat line of the horizon, creating a contained living space to inhabit during the rainy days of Chiloe. Please visit DRN site for further detail about this house.


Freschi Residence, Casual Family Extension by Enoki

December 07, 2013 By: archinhome Category: contemporary house design

This is Freschi Residence in Australia was designed by Enoki. According to the Enoki, ” This is A casual family extension to an existing rural cottage using hardy materials with proportions sensitive to Australian conditions. The exterior is complimented by an interior palette of polished concrete floors and ecoply walls and joinery. ” Designed by Enoki

Freschi Residence by Enoki (more…)

Chalon Road Residence, Contemporary House in Los Angles

December 05, 2013 By: archinhome Category: contemporary house design

This Chalon Road Residence, contemporary house was designed by Rockefeller Partners Architect. Located in Los Angles, CA.
From Architects : This residence is derived from a clear and simple concept that draws its inspiration from the unique site, consisting of dense canopy and unencumbered views of the surrounding canyons. Like the site, the house is composed of two distinct and equally appealing parts – private and public – that are defined by a thick interior wall running physically and figuratively through the length of the house and beyond.

The landscape is also defined by the wall: wild and natural, reflecting the surrounding chaparral hillsides and canyons, and manicured lawn – a nod to the client’s east coast nostalgia.

Chalon Road Residence, Contemporary House in Los Angles (more…)

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