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Architecture and Home Design | 2009 | July

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Carrasco International Airport is designed by Rafael Viñoly Architects, located in Montevideo, Uruguay. The new terminal at Carrasco International Airport, which serves Uruguay’s capital city of Montevideo, is the firm’s first airport project and the second of Rafael Viñoly’s two buildings currently rising in his home country. Created to expand capacity and spur commercial growth and tourism in the surrounding region, the terminal is scheduled for completion in early 2009.

The design of the building emphasizes its public zones and amenities, providing these areas with an abundance of open space and natural light. Arriving travellers, for example, pass through a fully glazed mezzanine level that helps orient them to the terminal space before they descend to the baggage claim and other services. A public, landscaped terrace and a restaurant occupy the second floor, providing sweeping views of the runway and the main concourse.

Independent access roads service departures on the first floor and arrivals on the ground level. An open atrium adjacent to the street entrance opens the ground floor to the monumental space of the main hall, visually and spatially linking the beginning and ending stages of a traveller’s journey.

Key features include a curved roof which maintains a low profile on the landscape, a strategic use of daylighting and views that guide travellers through arrival/departure sequence and a design that highlights public spaces for both travellers and non-travelling friends and family.

“In Uruguay, friends and family still come to greet you at the airport or see you off,” says Rafael Viñoly, ”so this terminal provides great spaces for the people who aren’t travelling as well as those who are. The atrium, the main hall, the terrace, and the passenger concourse make this a dramatic and welcoming place for everyone.”

Architecture and Home Design | 2010 | February

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This beach house was designed by Enoki with quality fittings and finishes. Enter the living room, the floor is covered with a layer of wood, sofas arranged neatly and TV mounted on the wall. Enter the kitchen, stainless kitchen is applied in, wall was covered with a stone structure. This beach house suitable for weekend with family.

Mitolo Beach House with Beautiful Interior by Enoki (more…)

Architecture and Home Design | 2010 | January

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From Architect: ” Pre-fab Cottage is a modern, modular pre-fabricated structure based on a 14 foot square module. The cottages are built using structural insulated panels for floor, walls and roof, creating an extremely energy efficient building envelope. The 14′ x 14′ cottage base module can be assembled in several combinations and is adaptable to many different site conditions aided by its unique precast concrete foundation system. The project featured here is a newly completed residence utilizing four of the modules and a connector hallway. Built in a shop in Traverse City, Michigan the cottage was transported in sections to its site 60 miles to the South in Manistee County. Once transported the cottage modules were then assembled in five hours. ” Designed by Michael Fitzhugh Architect.

Pre-fab Cottage, Modern and Unique Cottage by Michael Fitzhugh Architect (more…)

This is a beach house in Pacific Palisades, California with attached 2-car garage on a small lot for a young family, designed to take maximum advantage of the ultimate ocean view while simultaneously maintaining privacy. House has an open yet cozy plan. Roof Deck and other West facing rooms open to the prime ocean view. Designed by Peter Cohen Architect.

House with Ocean View in Pacific Palisades, California by Peter Cohen Architect (more…)

IJburg house provides for a family to live both independently or together. Designed by Gabriëls Webb, with lowered children’s level with kitchenette and bathroom can be accessed from the street, while the raised groundfloor provides the communal living zones that proceed to the canal side garden. The upper level contains the parents’ studio space, bedroom and bathroom. The internal levels are demarcated in the facade with white bands and horizontally laid western red cedar boards further striate the volume.

Ijburg House, Modern House Design by Gabriëls Webb


Casa Kimball is Private Beach House and Luxury Rental Villa in Dominican Republic was designed by Rangr Studio. From Architects : ” Situated on a cliff with a panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean, each of eight full suites has a breathtaking view out to the ocean. The buildings are designed to protect from views of neighboring villa lots,heightening the experience of the vast horizon beyond. The interior spaces merge with exterior spaces, all of which are designed to allow ocean breezes under shade from the sun, throughout the year. Light at sunset rakes through trees, casting dappled sunlight on the light stone floors in the evening. A long infinity edge pool creates a seamless edge of water in front of the ocean, hiding terraces at cliff edge that allow visitors to experience the ocean’s roar as waves break on the rocks below. ”

Casa Kimball, Private Beach House and Luxury Rental Villa in Dominican Republic


Architecture and Home Design | 2009 | September

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Interior Design Ideas from Family House in Guadalajara. Sometimes it is hard to combine a masterpiece of architecture with stylish indoor decors. This house comes from Agraz Arquitectos and manages to do just that. Designed for a family in Guadalajara, Mexico, the building has no less than three levels, each with a different purpose and personality. The first level includes a basement, a game room and a garage. The middle level houses the kitchen, family room and dining room and the three bedrooms are located at the third floor. There is a stairway which connects the rooms in the house and some lovely terraces which are accessible at every floor. The property also has two large courtyards. [ Via ]

Shanghai Tower Architecture, designed by Gensler, located in Shanghai, China.This super-tall, 632-meter tower will be sited in the heart of Shanghai’s Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone, adjacent to the Jin Mao Tower and Shanghai World Financial Center. As the most prominent icon on the city’s skyline, Shanghai Tower’s transparent spiral form will showcase cutting-edge sustainable strategies and public spaces that set a new standard for green community. Within its 128-stories, Shanghai Tower contains Class-A office space, entertainment venues, retail, a conference center, a luxury hotel and cultural amenity spaces. The tower will be registered for a high level of building certification from the China Green Building Committee and the U.S. Green Building Council. [ Gensler ]

Shanghai Tower, Shanghai Tower Architecture, Shanghai Tower pictures, China architecture, luxury hotel, China Green Building, Shanghai architecture, architecture and home design

Dance Palace Architecture Design by UNStudio. The 21,000 m2 Dance Palace is one of European cities Embankment quarter master plan for a new town square in the historical center of St. Peters burg. The building has an opening and home theater will be available for 1300 customers (1000 large auditorium, theater small, 300). Integration with existing buildings around you get both the scale of construction – which follow elevation in Saint Peters burg 28m typical roof – and the opening of transformation that is introduced by a wallboard triangular facade. The variation between opaque and perforated panels creates a controlled opening, depending on the program, opinions and guidance. In the main hall in the shape of a horseshoe was chosen for its acoustic advantages and the closeness that affords stage. [ UNStudio ]

This Modern House located in Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico. Designed by Agraz Arquitectos. It has a very modern design and attractive. The entrance to this house is decorated with a work of art in steel called “family”. The living room, kitchen, dining room and terrace are combined to create an impressive sense of space. Spanish marble tiles in ivory tones give an interesting aspect to the frontal areas of the house. [ Via ] [ Cube House ]

House Boat Design by X-Architects and Leen Vandaele. X-Architects closely collaborated with Leen Vandaele, interior decorator architect and design consultant from Squisito, to create a houseboat that inventively combines the nautical lifestyle of relaxation and enjoyment with crisp architectural tectonics. The fundamental structure of the floating home is created from two catamaran beams (for stability), stainless steel and glass. [ X-Architects ]

Architecture and Home Design | 2013 | July

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Langs Beach House, Beach House Design with Heat and Cold Release designed by CCCA, located in Langs Beach, Northland. The idea was to push the aesthetic foundations of reducing noise and allowing the place to use as traditional Kiwi Bach. Bach had to require little maintenance both internal and external. (more…)

Mataka House, House Design with Winds Force Protection designed by Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects. Located in Mataka Station, Northland. The floor of the house is moving around the crest of the hill to enjoy the expansive view and provide shelter against the wind direction. Since the design review committee commented: “This is a carefully prepared plan to provide, both for the spectacular view and the necessary protection against the winds of gale force … … living guidance construction provides (more…)

Villa G, is Futuristic House was designed by Saunders Architecture, located in Bergen, Norway. Villa G is built with traditional materials and architectural elements of the Nordic countries, with construction methods good Norwegian foundation. The wood trim on the house consists of (more…)

Western Minneapolis Residence, is Contemporary House was designed by U+B Architects. Located in a secluded wooded area, this project turns the humble ranch-style residence in late 1950 in a contemporary house for a couple and their two children. New exterior trim were chosen to (more…)

Rahimoana Villa, Villa with High Tech Office was designed by Designed by Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects emphasis on large open spaces, stunned Rahimoana villa with its pool of 25 meters in circumference, a heated outdoor spa, state-of-the-art gym, a infrared sauna, home cinema and surround sound technology for high office. And just before the gag extraordinary price tag, you’ll pay for a night in there, keep in mind that there is a Porsche Cayenne Turbo for visitors to Russell, a personnel manager and the housekeeper, New Zealand French wines and champagne and flat by a chief resident. (more…)

Architecture and Home Design | 2013 | June

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Kitchel residence is one of residence that placed on the hills and surrounded by environmentally sensitive forest. Designed by BOORA Architects, in Northwest Portland, Oregon. The house’s boomerang shape and folded geometry aligns with the topography which produces a dynamic special quality and admits daylight. While designing the house the goal was to create a calm place which maintain openness while preserving privacy. In the result a 825-square-foot room was created that includes a kitchen, a dining area, and a living room on the lower floor. A bedroom and office perch above in a dramatically contoured, sparsely decorated loft. A 38-foot-long, two-level bookshelf filled with a prodigious collection of tomes snakes along the wall’s inner surface, connecting the bedroom to the office along a hovering hallway. This solution doesn’t take a lot of space or spoil aesthetic of the interior but store enormous amount of books. The extensive glazing contributes to the open and spacious feeling of the home, while the tree canopy provides privacy for the living spaces.


This L-shaped House with Beach View is designed by by Nathan Good Architect, located in Oregon beach.
Cannon Beach Residence is designed by Nathan Good Architect with sustainability in mind. It provides more energy that it consumes. That is possible because of 5kWh rooftop photovoltaic system and 12-inch-thick concrete walls. There are also solar-thermal tubes that provide hot water and a ground-source heat pump that warms and cools the air. The house is L-shaped and wrapped around Sitka spruce that’s 38 inches in diameter. Recycled materials were used during construction and the house is designed to last multiply generations. It perfectly blends into the forested hillside thanks to its sedum-sprouting green roof. One side of the house has views of Haystack Rock while the other – views of the beach. A lot of windows provide the house with plenty of the natural light.

Designed by Studio Seilern Architects, located in Gota Dam, Zimbabwe. House with natural and rock panorama, can make we feel free and enjoy in life.

Dramatically sited on a granite monolith (locally known as a kopje) 50 metres above the man-made Gota Dam, the project, designed in collaboration with Muzia Sforza, is fulfilling the modernist aspirations of the clients, landowners and farmers Mr and Mrs von Pezold. The brief warned against any neo-colonial pastiche in the design and placed the views and the drama of the granite cliff plunging into the dam at the centre of the inspiration for the concept.


Kentish Town Health Centre, is one of New Health Building was designed by Allford Hall Monaghan Morris, located in London, United Kingdom. Kentish Town Health Centre provides an uplifting, inspiring environment of high quality for users and staff delivered through the LIFT procurement process, setting a new standard for modern healthcare provision.

Located in a residential area just off Kentish Town’s busy high street this three storey building creates a new community focus. The building, completed in December 2008, houses a large GP practice, a dentist, paediatric, dental and children’s services, breast screening and diagnostic imaging, plus office space, staff facilities, library and meeting rooms all designed around an internal street. Ideas of transparency and connectivity were embraced by the architects and the whole team worked collaboratively to create a building that expresses a new, holistic approach to healthcare.


Beverly Skyline House, House Design by Bercy Chen Studio, located in Beverly, United States.
The project is not a new build. In the spirit of the concept, an old 70s building is recycled along with new additions created from further recycled materials including glass bricks from an old hospital! The project began as a modest remodel, say the architects at Bercy Chen Studio, but turned into a full master-planning for the site.

With the previous building not fulfilling its full potential to take advantage of the spectacular views, the main aim was to reconnect the building with its surroundings and utilise the steep topography. A native garden and creek at the bottom of the property were to be integrated into the design. The glass bricks were used to create the front facade of the house and the originally monolithic nature of the house was further dematerialized through the use of slats installed as rain screens. Pools and reservoirs integrated into the design collect and store rain water and use it as a living water feature which acts to further connect the house with its surroundings and create a spiritual environment. Planting is predominantly native to the central Texas region limiting the necessity for watering.


Architecture and Home Design | 2010 | July

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Jamaican garden was designed by Craig Reynolds Landscape Architecture. This so beautiful garden, give fresh and cool feeling. A modern simple swimming pool, with whiteness character of natural stones continuous to full open relaxing space to enjoy the sea views.  Green grass and palm tree create cool feeling. Anyone who was there would have been enjoy and happy. I really like this garden, and hope can have home with beautiful garden like this. And hopeful this can inspired you to get ideas in created your garden.


Here are some bed designs from Huelsta, available in several choice. Modern and luxury bed design. We hope this post useful for you to create or decorate your bedroom. For further detail visit Huelsta site. Available: LILAC Bed ACREA Bed CASAnotte Bed CEPOSI Bed EASY FLEX ELUMO Bed FLAVO Bed LA VELA II Bed MANIT Bed METIS Bed METIS plus Bed MIOLETTO Bed



Architecture and Home Design | 2009 | October

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Desert House is concrete block house design by TWBTA Architects. The house is built of single-width local concrete block filled with insulation. Some of the block is ground face and some sandblasted. The house is designed to connect people to experience the immediate Landscape. Two simple bar building sit on either side of the wash and are connected by an outdoor bridge and an enclosed bride. Moving trough the house, there are several steps down as the building trace the wash’s descending grade. [ TWBTA ]


This Italian lake house design by Arturo Montanelli Architect. This house respect to environment restraining the building’s connection to the ground, and on the other hand the respect for the panoramic views of the lake. The perfect shapes and morphology of the architecture with their simple and linear geometry, are harmonically inserted into a flourishing natural context. Using and combination materials, such as the local stone, wood, steel, glass all put together and mixed to obtain the right balance of colors and perceptions. [ Arturo Montanelli Architect ]


This modern real-estate in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Located in foothills of Tian Shan Mountain. This Luxury house design was designed by Audrey Matlock Architects. The house size is 2,000 SQ meters. Designed to optimize access to view an create s seamless Relationship between the architecture and landscape.

This Minimalist House Design, located in East Hampton. Designed by Bates Masi + Architects.The house was designed to be both spatially and economically efficient by coordinating the assembly of pre-manufactured components researched over the Internet. It is essentially one large room with ancillary spaces that feed off it. [ Via ]

This Whidbey Island Cabin, Designed by Vandeventer + Carlander Architects. Located on the east site Whidbey island Washington. The sits afford the focused view the northward of Saratoga passage and Mount Baker. The Primary entertaining spaces is defined by two walls of glass bracketed by two solid end structures. This solid end contain the master bedroom and bunk room on one end,while the kitchen, bath and storage room occupy the other. The glass walls from the main floor continues to the loft area all0wing for additional view of the property from this space.

The wood framed structures rests on series of parallel concrete piers that allow for the natural vegetation to remain bellow the cabin. The roof is constructed of glu-lam beams and dimensional timber. The glass walls are an aluminum thermally broken storefront, while the solid end structures are sheathed in fiber cement panels.

Architecture and Home Design | La Cornette, Country House with Luxury Interior Design

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Here are some picture of La Cornette, a country house in Quebec, Canada. This house was designed by Canadian architectural firm YH2. The interior is in wood, painted or natural, in planks or panels, composed almost exclusively of made-to-measure furniture pieces: * from the refectory table for meals to the day table with hideaway television set; * from the large wraparound couch in the living room to the stainless-steel kitchen island; * from the balustrade bookshelf along the stairway to the wall night-lights made of aluminum panels with cut-outs of fireflies, fish, and frogs; * from wall-to-wall beds where people sleep foot-to-foot to overhanging bunk beds floating in the landscape

[ Via ]

  • Entenza House Interior Design, Modern House in Pacific Palisades California

  • Matsuki Residence in Discovery Bay Area of Hong Kong

  • Modern Interior Design, Claremont Toronto Modern Home

Architecture and Home Design | 2010 | March

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For those who like to cook, clean and comfortable kitchen is very desirable. What about your kitchen? the image below is about kitchen picture that can you use as inspiration for your kitchen. Ideas from Mint Value Kitchens, a kitchen manufacturer. such as contemporary kitchen design with delightful color scheme. From natural materials, combined with fun attractive colors, make these kitchen designs beautiful. Source

Beautiful and Fun Attractive Colors Kitchen Design (more…)

The pictures below are collection of cool bar ideas which manage to improve the decors they are integrated in. From vivid colors and fresh patterns to more classic ideas, the bars are aesthetic but also functional. This pictures can be used as inspiration, if you interested to makeover your kitchen like this. Source

Kitchen Bar Design Ideas (more…)

Living Room Design by Cuanz

Having a house with a nice interior is every one’s dream. Like having a comfortable living room. How do you want your living room to be? The picture below can be used as inspiration to decorate living room in accordance with you want. Source

Living Room Design by Rotemlo (more…)

The Orb House was designed by an Australian architect Bojan Simic, located in Melbourne, Australia. Inspired by the dwellings of ancient Pompeii, this approach was to create a tranquil introspective living environment based on the central courtyard typology around which all living, working and entertaining orbits. The building’s form and footprint is characterized by a curved central spine wall which defines two distinct zones – the ‘living’ zone within the rim and the ‘sleeping’ zone beyond. This defining rim provides interiors with a theatrical backdrop while creating intimate residual spaces externally. Source

The Orb House in Melbourne, Australia by Bojan Simic (more…)

Here are pictures of beautiful interior decorating, ideas from West Chin, an architecture company based in New York whose works in matters of interior design. We bring you a selection of beautiful and inspiring interiors which we hope will beautify your home. The arrangements are very tasteful and some unique decorating items with color combination is elegant, with white walls which showcase simple and stylish paintings. With pots of flowers decorate each room, making the atmosphere cool and calm. Elegant living room, calm bedroom and clean kitchen open with the dining room, we think can make your living more happy. Enjoy the image below,, Via

Beautiful Interior Decorating Ideas from West Chin (more…)