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Tips in chosing bunk bed for our children

December 28, 2013 bedroom designs

There are some things we need to consider in choosing a bunk bed.
Calculate the area available
Early bunk beds made for a large room with a mediocre. However, putting bunk beds in one large room doesn’t matter. Before you buy, first measure the room or space available, ranging from large floor to height

Determine your needs
There are a variety of bunk beds that are available to meet different needs. In general there are two categories of basic bunk beds and lofted (loft), with various subcategories of these two models. There is also a configuration that offers a three-bed sleeping. This model is right for you when a friend who stayed impromptu or when the three children should share in one room.

Tips in chosing bunk bed for our children

Determine the features you need
Bunk beds are also usually have special features added such as, desks, cabinets or tool to play like a slide, tent. Everything can be added according to the needs of your child. For normal children coming to stay friends, choosing bunk beds with futon mattress or a mattress can be a drag right decision. You can buy complete with bunk beds that complement its features or purchase separately. One thing that should not be forgotten, ask for opinions from the children and let them deliver what they needed.

Tips in chosing bunk bed for our children

Specify model
Over time, bunk beds are made with various models and styles so that you will be faced with many choices. For the choice of material, which is usually is made of wood, metal or a combination of both.

Problem model, it will return to the taste. There is the traditional model and texture of wood or orgo model with a more modern and sleek design. There is also a choice of models based on a theme or story. All passed away to you.

Ensure safe
A safety factor of bunk beds are very important. Make sure that the bed of your choice meet all safety requirements, ranging from the fence, headboard (board at the end of the head), until the footboard (board at the end of the leg). It is also important means to explain in detail to the children about ways to use bunk beds safely.

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