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Easy Way to Make Healthy Bathroom

November 18, 2011 Bathroom Designs

Easy Way to Make Healthy Bathroom. The bathroom was never used more than one hour, but that does not mean just enough bathroom with bath or shower and toilet. As with any other room in the house, the bathroom was to consider his health.

How to make healthy bathroom? These are easy way can we do to make our bathroom become healthy bathroom, functional and comfort to bath. First : Healthy bathroom can be designed to incorporate a lot of sunlight, through the skylights. Enough sunlight to make the bathroom dry faster, so the mold, mildew, and bacteria do not breed. In addition, highly efficient power as long as the sun shines, this bathroom unnecessary lighting of the lamp.

Modern Healthy Bathtub Easy Way to Make Healthy Bathroom

Modern Healthy Bathtub

Second: Placed air hole or ventilation for air circulation. To make air in the bathroom always fresh and clean. Arrange the vent with obliquity, so that people can not look directly into the bathroom, or place the plant in front of the walls are hollow, so the people can not peek.

Healthy bathroom Design Easy Way to Make Healthy Bathroom

Healthy Bathroom Design

Third : Placed the pod of plant in the bathroom. Plant can help freshen the air in the bathroom. Beside that plant can beautify the bathroom. For example Betel plant. Plants that besides beautifying the look of the bathroom, also known to absorb pollutants.

How about you? So easy to make the healthy bathroom.

Contemporary Healthy Bathroom Easy Way to Make Healthy Bathroom

Contemporary Healthy Bathroom

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