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September 13, 2011 By: Jason Marie Category: Без рубрики

This is luxury bathroom design ideas from Axor, specialize in bathroom designs and furniture. Everything they made is full of harmony, beauty and luxury. If you want create not just beautiful but also unique bathroom which you can be proud of than getting ideas from Axor will help you a lot. Via

Luxury Bathroom Design from Axor

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This is modern Italian bathroom furniture was designed by Stemik Living. This modern bathroom furniture is available in a number of finishes and colors which allows you to customize it to your own taste.

Modern Italian Bathroom Furniture from Stemik Living

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This one of luxury bathroom collections from Karol. From Karol : ” A furnishing project that brings “design” to functions. The simple structure of the “Urban Chic” collection is made up of modules measuring 60 cm in width and in height that are available with conventionally opening, bottom-hung or pull-out doors. These modules can contain internal drawers and can hold all the equipment needed in the bathroom. They also include a storage place and socket for hairdryers. Every drawer can be personalized using modular containers in stainless steel and mahogany in order to optimize and organize the available internal space. Every module can also have internal lighting commanded by a sensor. There is room for everything you need, and it is easy to access everything inside the modules. The result is a neat and extremely tidy piece of furniture. ”
For further detail and further collections visit Karol site.

Urban Chic Bathroom from Karol

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Cleanness of bathroom reflects the owner of home loving cleanliness. If we judge a home clean or not, one of which can be seen from the bathroom. To make our bathrooms clean and healthy, the bathroom should be cleaned regularly. The selection of bathroom contribute little more influence on how to treat them.
There are many types of bathroom suits, including the products from Plumbworld. Traditional Bathroom Suites and Contemporary Bathroom Suites.

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Fantastic Staircases Designs, Best for Your Interior from Archi Expo.  Add a touch of elegance and style to your apartment with these great designs scales Archi Expo. Simple and elegant, marry well with almost any type of furniture, until both are packed. You can go for a small scale close, or choose a spiral that connects the two floors. You can also select the

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