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The theme featuring spatial impression cute and sweet, always be first choice when arranging girls room. Pink usually dominate this impression. Pink color makes their bedrooms more feminine. Almost in pink color, bed, bed covers, cupboards and storage shelves are pink.


Choosing bunk beds for beloved children Bunk beds is one option for our beloved children, many manufacturers offer this bed. Ranging from wood to metal. Its design also attract the children’s attention . Nothing wrong if we decide to choose bunk beds for our beloved children.

Choosing the right bunk beds for children does not seem as easy as buying other furniture for your home. When it comes to choosing bunk beds, a safety factor is usually preferred. You are also charged with the baby fun than impose your own taste.


Tips for a minimalist Garden If we prefer a minimalist style to our garden, so it is better if watched some of the following:


In the minimalist garden plants and ornaments do not deserve any put there. One vote, which has a narrow land will look more narrow. Because land is limited, usually about two to six square meters.


Green, partly a reflection of prosperous and harmony with nature. Green grass is more soothing, more interesting.Green forest become world lung.
Not wrong if our bedrooms are made in such a way, want to reflects the coolness of its inhabitants. Providing harmony with nature, like as feel on green grass, or surrounded by shady trees, providing plenty of oxygen for life.


The bus stop, other than as a place waiting for the bus, it is also useful as a shelter when it rains. The stop will be more interesting if well designed, simple but versatile. Despite the small size but can make people happy to wait for buses at bus stops.


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