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For those who like to cook, clean and comfortable kitchen is very desirable. What about your kitchen? the image below is about kitchen picture that can you use as inspiration for your kitchen. Ideas from Mint Value Kitchens, a kitchen manufacturer. such as contemporary kitchen design with delightful color scheme. From natural materials, combined with fun attractive colors, make these kitchen designs beautiful. Source

Beautiful and Fun Attractive Colors Kitchen Design (more…)

The pictures below are collection of cool bar ideas which manage to improve the decors they are integrated in. From vivid colors and fresh patterns to more classic ideas, the bars are aesthetic but also functional. This pictures can be used as inspiration, if you interested to makeover your kitchen like this. Source

Kitchen Bar Design Ideas (more…)

Living Room Design by Cuanz

Having a house with a nice interior is every one’s dream. Like having a comfortable living room. How do you want your living room to be? The picture below can be used as inspiration to decorate living room in accordance with you want. Source

Living Room Design by Rotemlo (more…)

The Orb House was designed by an Australian architect Bojan Simic, located in Melbourne, Australia. Inspired by the dwellings of ancient Pompeii, this approach was to create a tranquil introspective living environment based on the central courtyard typology around which all living, working and entertaining orbits. The building’s form and footprint is characterized by a curved central spine wall which defines two distinct zones – the ‘living’ zone within the rim and the ‘sleeping’ zone beyond. This defining rim provides interiors with a theatrical backdrop while creating intimate residual spaces externally. Source

The Orb House in Melbourne, Australia by Bojan Simic (more…)

Here are pictures of beautiful interior decorating, ideas from West Chin, an architecture company based in New York whose works in matters of interior design. We bring you a selection of beautiful and inspiring interiors which we hope will beautify your home. The arrangements are very tasteful and some unique decorating items with color combination is elegant, with white walls which showcase simple and stylish paintings. With pots of flowers decorate each room, making the atmosphere cool and calm. Elegant living room, calm bedroom and clean kitchen open with the dining room, we think can make your living more happy. Enjoy the image below,, Via

Beautiful Interior Decorating Ideas from West Chin (more…)

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