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Desert House is concrete block house design by TWBTA Architects. The house is built of single-width local concrete block filled with insulation. Some of the block is ground face and some sandblasted. The house is designed to connect people to experience the immediate Landscape. Two simple bar building sit on either side of the wash and are connected by an outdoor bridge and an enclosed bride. Moving trough the house, there are several steps down as the building trace the wash’s descending grade. [ TWBTA ]


This Italian lake house design by Arturo Montanelli Architect. This house respect to environment restraining the building’s connection to the ground, and on the other hand the respect for the panoramic views of the lake. The perfect shapes and morphology of the architecture with their simple and linear geometry, are harmonically inserted into a flourishing natural context. Using and combination materials, such as the local stone, wood, steel, glass all put together and mixed to obtain the right balance of colors and perceptions. [ Arturo Montanelli Architect ]


This modern real-estate in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Located in foothills of Tian Shan Mountain. This Luxury house design was designed by Audrey Matlock Architects. The house size is 2,000 SQ meters. Designed to optimize access to view an create s seamless Relationship between the architecture and landscape.

This Minimalist House Design, located in East Hampton. Designed by Bates Masi + Architects.The house was designed to be both spatially and economically efficient by coordinating the assembly of pre-manufactured components researched over the Internet. It is essentially one large room with ancillary spaces that feed off it. [ Via ]

This Whidbey Island Cabin, Designed by Vandeventer + Carlander Architects. Located on the east site Whidbey island Washington. The sits afford the focused view the northward of Saratoga passage and Mount Baker. The Primary entertaining spaces is defined by two walls of glass bracketed by two solid end structures. This solid end contain the master bedroom and bunk room on one end,while the kitchen, bath and storage room occupy the other. The glass walls from the main floor continues to the loft area all0wing for additional view of the property from this space.

The wood framed structures rests on series of parallel concrete piers that allow for the natural vegetation to remain bellow the cabin. The roof is constructed of glu-lam beams and dimensional timber. The glass walls are an aluminum thermally broken storefront, while the solid end structures are sheathed in fiber cement panels.

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