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Architecture and Home Design | Maya Ubud Hotel and Spa, Luxury Hotel and Spa in Bali, Indonesia

January 18, 2018 By: Jason Marie Category: Без рубрики

Maya Ubud Hotel and Spa, is Luxury Hotel and Spa in Bali, Indonesia. Designed by Denton Corker Marshall. Located high between two river valleys, Maya Ubud sits on a long peninsula of land, which slopes gradually before dropping off dramatically at the southern tip where the Maya Spa sits near a small waterfall on the banks of the river Petanu. Maya Ubud juggles with new and traditional concepts in its design: there are no intricate Balinese paintings, masks nor statues; instead, a deeper, Ancient Balinese concept is celebrated through its landscape and architecture.

Its siting is inspired by the prehistoric Balinese tradition of orientating the villages along the Kaja-Kelod sacred axis, linking the mountains in the centre of the island – the realm of Gods (Kaja) – to the surrounding seas where the demons are (Kelod). A ceremonial central spine follows the main ridge connecting the major public spaces such as the porte-cochere, lobby and spa. The ‘houses’ are then positioned on both sides of the village axis following the contour of the land. At Maya four parallel lines in the form of massive stone walls emphasise the main ceremonial spine. Modern functional spaces are free to slip in and out of these walls; some go further, hanging over the cliff in the case of the swimming pool and restaurant. Culture and heritage are celebrated wherever you look. The subtlety of this celebration is that it is not immediately recognisable to the observer. [ Denton Corker Marshall ]

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