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Description from Architects : Here was an existing Spanish Art Deco house with a pitched tiled roof. It looked very tired indeed. The client liked the location and general internal feel of the house. It was very poorly equipped by modern standards. The developed brief called for a virtual rebuild. The temptation to build anew was rejected as this would have restricted the amount of accommodation we could provide under new-build DA conditions. The main design idea is the provision of a daring semi-circular extension to the East side, the full height of the house. The tiled roof was removed and replaced with a low pitch metal deck. Nautical and Asian elements are incorporated in the form of circular windows and internal moon door opening. Generally openings to the East have been enlarged to take advantage of water views. To the west a new Entry and Day Room take advantage of the front garden and afternoon winter sun.

Designed by Tom Bomford Architects.


Here are interior design of Etenza House, this house is a modern house in Pacific Palisades California and was designed by Charles Eames & Eero Saarinen. Situated on a flat acre with head-on views of the Pacific Ocean, the main house includes 4 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, family room, library, 2 separate offices. The guest house consists of 2 bedroom suites, 3 baths, and kitchenette. This house also has 4 cars garage. Hope this few interior inspiration can give you some creative inspiring ideas to decorate your home interior.

Dom Zlomu is located in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia. Designed by Paulíny Hovorka Architekti, this is ultra modern house in L shape. The house split into two parts : day and night. The day’s part consists of a living room/kitchen, pantry and home office.


Villa Johansen, designed by Willa Nordic, is a great example of functional and practical design combined with Asian serenity. Starting from the garden that features an amazing pond it took its inspiration from the Japanese and Chinese cultures. The black and white facade provides the character to the house. The interior also features very light colors with black and dark brown splashes. Although there are some elements of luxury as inside as outside of it. Marble floors, decorative stones, generous glazing and stunning staircase make that possible. [ Willa Nordic ]


This Modern White House is located in Quito, Ecuador. Designed by NL Arquitectos. Via Location: Quito, Ecuador

Architecture: NL Arquitectos

Design: 2005 Construction: 2009 Land area: 1980 m2

Total area: 340 m2

Modern White House by NL Arquitectos in Ecuador (more…)

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