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Architecture and Home Design | Modern 2 Level House Design by Arquitectonika

September 25, 2017 By: Jason Marie Category: Без рубрики

This two level house located in La Horqueta, designed by Arquitectonika. Modern house design with simple exterior. A small garden located front of home between two way to enter the home. From side also appear a garden face to the first level, glass wall become divider between them. From side appear up stair connect first floor to upper floor.

In a small gated community of The Wye of San Isidro, this modern cubic house is set on a land located on the corner of a culdesac. The house is placed in an area of 15.00 x 42.00 m designed with flexible spaces and larger openings in floor panels to achieve greater scale and visual relationship with the green to the bottom and satin cloths to the compared with visual restrictions into the street. The customer was instructed to think of a compact house to release the counter back garden and views extended to the neighboring grove of ancient background. Low maintenance cost, the use of brick painted white trimming is predominant along the concrete and wood for vertical surfaces both inside and outside.


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