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Here are futuristic kids bedroom design from Karim Rashid. This is Neoset, a set of bedroom furniture,designed with colorful and humorous style. Each design of the bed, storage shelves and drawers have artistic and futuristic shape and has a decorative element to make this furniture a modern look and beautiful.


This modern and colorful kids room furniture from Dielle. Designed for toys, books, sports equipments, shoes, clothes, computers place, tables and other function. The cupboards, drawers, beds and other pieces of furniture is provided too. This suitable for funny kids room design. [ Via ]


Sunrise Residence by Stephen Jolson is an old factory renovated into beautiful and practical home combined with working studio. Working in such large space is the dream for many people and Stephen manage to implement it in his home. The factory is located in Grattan Gardens Community in Melbourne so it’s surrounded by very green environment. The home is spread on two floors connected by suspended steel staircase, designed as a soft ribbon that traces a path with built-in lighting. The kitchen, living room, playroom and laundry are situated on the first floor. At the second level is the master bedroom with private bath and walk-in wardrobe, kids room, storage room, bathroom and fitness area. Other part of the factory hosts a study of architecture and interior design, with a staff of 12 people.


Kids room usually isn’t the biggest in the house. Although they sometimes have more need in space than others because the grow and new things change the old ones. If there is more than kid than that become even bigger problem. Loft beds are the first step to improve their space. The second step is loft bedrooms. The Italian company Tumidei designed a great collection of such teenage bedrooms layouts. Projecting of the bedroom become a great test of imagination because of 33 colors of materials, 8 colors of metal, different kinds of melamine, beds under the closets, closets under the beds, bureaus under the beds and over the closets. Almost anything in Tumidei’s loft bedrooms is customizable.

Loft bedrooms aren’t just space savers. Besides their functionality Tumidei made them very cool and fashioned. They have very contemporary design so every modern teenager will stand up among their friends when they see such room.

This is one of the work of Behrer & Partners, a minimalist apartment with the shades of brown on the interior. The neat color combination and nice lighting produces amazing interior. The combination between brown and white furniture make the interior more luxurious.

This apartment located in Sweden, Behrer & Partners have succeed created an apartment interior without unnecessary think and all the lines and shapes are very simple. Simple but very impressive, we think every one who in it will feel amazed.

Living Room – Minimalist Apartment Design


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