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August 26, 2017 By: Jason Marie Category: Без рубрики

The main function of the dining room is a room to accommodate eating activity. But really, the meaning of the dining room is much broader than that. The dining room is one hub in the home stay. Often warm and relaxed conversation occurred at the dining table. At here family can speak from heart to heart in a familiar atmosphere. Many selection of dining table shapes and sizes, depending on the tastes and needs. Here are cozy dining room table furniture that can be used as selection.


This inspiration to build small space of apartment. Although only 40 square meter, we can optimized it with this design. With removed hallway, living room was combined with a kitchen and a dining area this some technique to optimized of small space. The living room features several bookcases and storage shelves.

Black white theme applied for living room, black sofa face to circle table, side of sofa is book and storage shelves and the floor made of wood. Square dining table with four chairs combined with living room. Behind of dining room is kitchen room, white combined with red makes this kitchen more attractive. (more…)

Square dining table usually used for two to four seats. More than four seats would seem odd. Width was usually between 75 cm, 90 cm and 1.2 m. Square dining table measuring more than 1.2 m would be uncomfortable because of the distance between the user feels distant, as well as to reach food.


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