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Origami Folding Planes can inspire a House, as like this house: Origami House by Formwerks Architects Description from Architects:

A detached dwelling for a small family of 3, the private spaces are enclosed in a sculptural loop that is poised above a dark base that extends down to a basement level multi-entertainment area.

The origami-inspired folding planes created a myriad of interesting internal volumes in the upper levels, was an attempt to break away with the limitation imposed by the infamous attic guidelines.


Designed by DLab, this modern house is located in Singapore. This is house reconstruction on Margoliouth Road retains the majority of the existing 2 storey bungalow on the site. The existing house structure is retained and forms the largest solid volume which contains the family-oriented accommodations such as the Dining, Kitchen, Family rooms and children’s bedrooms. It occupies the western half of the site and anchors the dwelling as a whole. Three more pavilions were added to the eastern half of the site. The first houses the grandparent’s suite and master suite. This monolithic 2 storey pavilion is situated at the furthest eastern corner of the site to act as a counter weight to the existing house. The second is a double volume glass pavilion for the living room and is placed in between the first two pavilions. This space uses insulation glazing on three of its facades, allowing daylight to flood the room so that it is perceived more like a sheltered outdoor venue. The third addition to the house is a partially enclosed garden courtyard placed at the center of the house, making it the focal point of all the living spaces. The courtyard is treated architecturally like all the other rooms, with three sides of the space enclosed in glass and a staircase to the master suite cantilevering off its side wall. Source

Margoliouth House, Modern House Design by DLab (more…)

This really luxury hotel with 57 floor. Located in Marina Bay, Singapore. Marina Bay Sands Hotel has amazing pool at top floor. The hotel consists of three towers connected by a porch and above one hectare called Sky Park. In addition to a swimming pool, there is restaurant or nightclub The Sky but it could also be a fun hangout.


72 Sentosa Cove House is Luxury Residence in Singapore. This next residential project comes from ONG&ONG architects. Located in Sentosa Island, Singapore the house’s features include a lap pool and training room that ensure a healthy and balanced lifestyle. In the middle of the house there is an enclosed central courtyard for private. There is small garden in this house that beautify of this house. Check below,,,


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