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This Modern Glass House Design in Johannesburg, designed by Nico Van Der Meulen Architects. Built on 4000 sq.m site, with 2500sq.m total floor area. The frame-less glass folding doors starts at the dining room, and stretches for nearly 70m around the dining room, family room, lanai, indoor pool and gym. The family room is partially double volume, flowing seamlessly into the lanai and heated indoor pool, with a bar, pizza oven, gas and wood braai.

The kitchen leads off the family room and dining room, with a pair of automatic, frameless sandblasted doors leading from the dining room to the kitchen. A breakfast area and playroom are adjacent to the kitchen, allowing the younger kids to be supervised from the kitchen and family room, and allowing direct access to the bar and barbeque area from the kitchen. [ Glass House Design ]


Cynthia Leibrock designed this house in modern style, located in the Colorado Rockies. Equipped with some modern energy-saving technologies like solar panels for heating, doors and windows that prevent heat loss and other more simple things. Hi tech kitchen is also in it house. The bathroom has a reflecting pool and a steam shower with a redwood bench. [ Via ]

Sistek House, House Design with White Stucco Walls in Santiago, Chile. Designed by Felipe Aassadi + Francisca Pulido Architects. The house Sistek arises from a principle, a possibility of a radical break with the image of new-style neighborhood. Coupled with this, a site twice the size of neighboring lots, so the contrast would be necessarily doubled.

Using white stucco walls of pastel colors, combined with other sub styles of Mediterranean and Mexican appearances. A neighborhood at the foot of the hill Manquehue, whose notoriously outstanding architecture is far from overcome the natural inclination of the hill focusing on the mere realization of aesthetic models and totally decontextualized fashion. The other materials used are steel and glass, the latter as a resource to generate double fronts of view on both levels, thereby generating from inside to outside number one landscape scales, taking as reference points to the hill Manquehue the north and the city of Santiago to the south. [ Felipe Aassadi + Francisca Pulido Architects ]

Schmitz House is Country House was design by Felipe Assadi + Francisa Pulido Architects, located in Santiago, Chile. The materials used are mainly concrete and glass. Some areas of the vitreous body that are structuring were covered with larch wood, a native tree that grows old with shiny silver color. This house is completed with Living room, dinning room, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, sauna, swimming pool and basement.

Inside this are designed stable elements, so as to ensure the proper use of a space that allows an organization’s perimeter commonly used elements. An integrated furniture to the facade, a concrete box that somehow separates them from being the floating dining room and kitchen, which appears as a detail within the general area. From the kitchen you enter the subway, where they housed all the equipment for household use, laundry, ironing room and wine cellar.

The house is designed by Bates Masi Architects. This limestone, steel, aluminum and glass house built on the exact same footprint as one-story wood house that was here before. The house is now have two stories and the main entrance has double staircase to the second floor. The living room, dining room, kitchen, utility room, library, and two guest bedrooms with baths are on the first floor. The second floor has the master bedroom / sitting room with two dressing rooms, two vanity areas and a large bathroom with separate tub and shower. All rooms are open to walkways and terraces at both the first and second floors. The studio and garage are attached to the main house with a glass walled and roofed corridor. The swimming pool is located near the house with its own view of the surroundings.

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