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Vao Kitchen is one of collections from Team7, designed by Sebastian Desch for Team7. Please visit Team7 site for further information about Vao Kitchen.


Classic Kitchen Design Ideas from Scavolini Collections. This collection is called Absolute Classic, which reflects its main idea. The designer, Gianni Pareschi, try creating kitchen furniture with traditional designs and even families can meet any need for a contemporary lifestyle. The collection consists of several models that are astonishing for their elegance and are able to create a wonderful environment and comfortable. Everyone is created for someone who wants to surround himself with beauty and charm of a classic. Whether the action of kitchens to cook a delicious dinner with recipes from my grandmother and you get a pleasant evening meetings in the family to the table. [ Via ]

Dogma is one of the latest kitchens designed by Arrita Cucine. It presents new door made of solid yellow pine wood with frame thickness of 22 millimeters and brushed finish. There are 6 finishes available: dark brown, white, grey, red, platinum and natural sandblasted. They all could be combined with smoked or white sateen glass panels. Three types of handles are available: vertical with a satin nickel finish and two horizontal ones in the same finish but in different size. The kitchen also interesting because of shelves and frames with integrated LED lights. In addition everybody could accompany Dogma kitchen with external table and chairs made in the same finishes. New Arrita Cucine kitchens are a durable gift of the natural designed kitchen that lasts in time.

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