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December 25, 2016 By: Jason Marie Category: Без рубрики

Tempe Center for the Arts by Architekton. Design based on Anasazi ‘Chaco Canyon Pueblo Bonita floor of the big house. The outer wall of protection has rooms inside. The spaces between Kivas (rooms) are always the streets and spaces (corridors and the lobby) to the village. Vertical structure is based on dramatic forms the floor of Monument Valley, near the villages of Chaco Canyon. Fly tower axis around the earth and tectonic plates pushed out of the way in which lean against the monolith, the heat the house and the acoustics. The execution and Visual Arts Center includes a program of 88,000 sf 600-seat main theater, 200-seat flexible art gallery, a multipurpose hall, a bar and an art park. [ Architekton ]

Swell house, Single Family House was designed by Studio ST. The roof is sloped west towards the yard so that it can be seen from the yard and to avoid draining where the east bedroom windows are. It then changes direction and slopes towards the east where it connects to the vertical planks both visually and for drainage. On the morphed roof structure (above the existing house) the planks are perpendicular to the ridge so that they can be made of flat pieces. Where possible they are extended vertically and draped over the existing vertical structure, creating a double skin buffer for natural air circulation. The existing vertical structure and foundations remain. Where they continue out of the double skinned area they are clad with the original horizontal clapboard. On the north façade the entrance door is cut out of the planks and on the south façade the planks are twisted horizontally to create louvers that swing open where the kitchen connects to the yard (under the cantilevered volume).


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