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Architecture and Home Design | Parr House Design by Pezo von Ellrichshausen Architects, in Concepcion, Chile

December 25, 2016 By: Jason Marie Category: Без рубрики

This Parr House is designed by Pezo von Ellrichshausen Architects, located in Concepcion, Chile
There are different kinds of fruit and native trees. The program extends horizontally, besides occupying the depth of these gardens, in order to conquer a sort of interior introspection and invisibility of its external presence.

The irregular structure of rooms contains nine patios open to the sky. If the roominess of some spaces was made possible by elevating the ceilings, this decision couldn’t affect the patios by casting a shade over them. Therefore, two inclinations were established; that of the roofs (that always descends towards the patios) and that of the ceilings, whose vertex sliced by natural light openings is located depending on the furniture of each room.

This is both a huge and a small house. It doesn’t have extended rooms but instead a series of rooms that repeat themselves and some functions that are doubled according to the traditional Chilean country life. The house is located in a small farm where, until not long ago, stood the owner’s old house where his childhood was spent.

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