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Architecture and Home Design | 72 Sentosa Cove House – Luxury Residence in Singapore

November 18, 2016 By: Jason Marie Category: Без рубрики

72 Sentosa Cove House is Luxury Residence in Singapore. This next residential project comes from ONG&ONG architects. Located in Sentosa Island, Singapore the house’s features include a lap pool and training room that ensure a healthy and balanced lifestyle. In the middle of the house there is an enclosed central courtyard for private. There is small garden in this house that beautify of this house. Check below,,,

Reference :

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Architecture and Home Design | Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore

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This really luxury hotel with 57 floor. Located in Marina Bay, Singapore. Marina Bay Sands Hotel has amazing pool at top floor. The hotel consists of three towers connected by a porch and above one hectare called Sky Park. In addition to a swimming pool, there is restaurant or nightclub The Sky but it could also be a fun hangout.

References :

  • Maya Ubud Hotel and Spa, Luxury Hotel and Spa in Bali, Indonesia

  • Modern House Design by Tighe Architects

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Architecture and Home Design | How to Arrange Bedroom to Make It More Romantic | Romantic Bedroom Design

November 18, 2016 By: Jason Marie Category: Без рубрики

How to Arrange Bedroom to Make It More Romantic, Romantic Bedroom Design. Romantic atmosphere can be done with simple steps. The steps began with designing bed plus additional bed nets with poles. For color choices netting, you can wear a lavender purple color that gives a soothing effect.

Romantic atmosphere increasingly supported by the selection bed covers and bed linen. With proper selection of bed cover will add comfort when the couple is above the mattress.

Romantic bedroom design

Romantic feel also supported aspects of lighting. Therefore, the use of lights with dim light is recommended. Or, use the candles that illuminate the bedroom set. Romanticism did not always form a visual display, but can be built through the sense of smell.

Classic romantic bedroom

The use of aroma therapy is also advised that the bedroom is always fragrant. Not to forget, add fresh flowers on one corner of the room or on the dressing table. As an antidote to memory and nostalgia, present pre-wedding photos of you in one of the bedrooms.

Romantic pink bedroom

The bedroom is a special place for couples to add intimacy. Because of it, pack your bedroom so it’s more real sense of immediacy in a romantic atmosphere.

Modern romantic bedroom

  • ST-ANDRÉ Residence Interior Design by Naturehumaine Architecture Design

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Architecture and Home Design | Rahimoana Villa, Villa with High Tech Office by Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects

November 18, 2016 By: Jason Marie Category: Без рубрики

Rahimoana Villa, Villa with High Tech Office was designed by Designed by Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects emphasis on large open spaces, stunned Rahimoana villa with its pool of 25 meters in circumference, a heated outdoor spa, state-of-the-art gym, a infrared sauna, home cinema and surround sound technology for high office. And just before the gag extraordinary price tag, you’ll pay for a night in there, keep in mind that there is a Porsche Cayenne Turbo for visitors to Russell, a personnel manager and the housekeeper, New Zealand French wines and champagne and flat by a chief resident.

Bay Island of New Zealand has long been a refuge for those who have called for a site to escape this privacy rewards, scenery breathtaking and the end-of-the-ground exclusive. Surprisingly built in 2006 on 30 acres atop a steep hill at the end of a long driveway, the Villa Rahimoana extends into the bay near the town of Russell and Tapeka. [ Via ]

  • Vader House, Contemporary House Design by Andrew Maynard Architects

  • Lakeshore Residence, Modern Home Design with Indian Architecture by Miró Rivera Architects

  • Casa Branca in Sao Paulo, Brazil by Isay Weinfeld Architects

Architecture and Home Design | Modern Dhaka Residence Interior by ONG & ONG Architect

November 17, 2016 By: Jason Marie Category: Без рубрики

Dhaka Residence is one of interior project from ONG & ONG Architect. Modern and luxury interior and so the furniture.In dining room there is a large rectangle dining table that can accommodate about fourteen people. The bedroom is so large an other room.

Description from Architect:
The client has very defined ideas on interior spaces, so it was important for us to effectively connect the various areas that make up this eight-storey residence.

With an exterior lined with timber and mild steel, the interior uses similar materials while also adding those with more tactile surfaces, such as slatted wood, custom patterned stone and oxidised steel mixed into the rich silver wallpaper.

The subtlety of the palette is key to making the residence both luxurious and understated.


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Architecture and Home Design | Floating City Concept Architecture

November 16, 2016 By: Jason Marie Category: Без рубрики

This Floating City Concept Architecture was designed by Ahearn Schopfer Architects. Located in New Orleans, United States. Designed for concentrated use with around 20,000 housing units at an average of 1,100 sq ft, three hotels, 1,500 time-share units and 500,000 sq ft of retail space. Also incorporated are three casinos, 500,000 sq ft of commercial condominiums, parking for 8,000 cars, a school, 100,000 sq ft of cultural facilities and a 20,000 sq ft health facility, making the structure socially self-sufficient. All fitting together with public amenities and administrative offices into an estimated 30 million sq ft.

Architecture and Home Design | Modern Minimalist Kids Room Design

November 16, 2016 By: Jason Marie Category: Без рубрики

Here are some pictures of small kids room, modern kids room, minimalist kids room design. They are latest works of Sergi Mengot, Barcelona based interior designer who specializes almost exclusively in designing beautiful small-floorspace kids rooms. He uses a variety of combination that make use of innovative kids room furniture and vertical space to magically add more space to crammed up rooms. Also to give the illusion of space the furniture is designed to hug the wall perimeters. We can use it to decorate our kids room. Not need more space, with limited space we can give more to our child. Hope this can help us to create or decorate our kids room, give best to them.

[ Via ]

  • Small Two-Room Apartment Interior in Stockholm’s Stora Nygatan Stree, Comfortable for Living

  • Kids Bedroom Furniture Design with High Quality Furniture by Paidi

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Architecture and Home Design | Devoto House, Luxury House in Argentina by Andrés Remy Arquitectos

November 13, 2016 By: Jason Marie Category: Без рубрики

Here are some pictures of Devoto house in Argentina. This is luxury house was designed by Andrés Remy Arquitectos. This house has fantastic swimming pool. The swimming pool is a very interesting feature of the project. It is elevated from the ground creating a glass wall that allows views from within and the outside, creating views from different points in the house and focal point outside the house. This house has green garden too. The garden located the side of swimming pool. We can enjoy relax on this garden and see people who swim by pool wall made of clear glass. This house also has luxury interior. Some of wall made of natural stone, wood floor is applied in some room, and others is made of ceramics. We think it is dream house, do you like this house or want to have a house like this. Hope some some picture below can give ideas or give spirit to have house like this.

Click to view image in full size.

[ Via ]

  • The Back Yard House by Shed

  • Steel, Aluminum and Glass House Design by Bates Masi Architects

  • Contemporary House Design by Stanbolt Architect

Architecture and Home Design | Modern Swedish Dream Home Design, Luxury Home Design

November 11, 2016 By: Jason Marie Category: Без рубрики

Here are some pictures of  luxury home in Swedish, one of modern dream home in Sweden. This home has some advantages, one of them is the house has amazing view, that is lake view. We can enjoy this amazing lake view from living room because the wall of living room made of clear glass. This home was designed by architect John Robert Nilsson. This 250 square meter home located near a lake in Sweden. The home has luxury interior too, white theme interior is used. The exterior is done in brown with black puff, tar paper, steel and lots of dark colors. The contrast of the interior and the exterior is easily noticeable thanks to clean rooms with large glazed walls. Have we ever thought to life in the home like this? Life in luxury home, life in dream home with amazing view like this. Hope if we have dream like it, it will became true.

[ Via ]

  • Modern House Design by Agraz Arquitectos in Mexico

  • Villa Ioele (Cosenza) by Mario Occhiuto Architecture

  • Lakeshore Residence, Modern Home Design with Indian Architecture by Miró Rivera Architects

Architecture and Home Design | Crystal Clear, Modern, Nordic Cluster of Towers by C. F. Møller Architects

November 03, 2016 By: Jason Marie Category: Без рубрики

The development totals approximately 90,000 sq m of offices, commercial space and possibly housing, located at one of Oslo’s most valuable sites, the former postal sorting office adjacent to the central station. ‘Crystal Clear’ ties in with the city’s skyline, and the string of developing landmark projects that will help turn Oslo into one of Europe’s most modern capitals.

Partner and architect at C.F. Møller, Mads Mandrup Hansen states: “Crystal Clear is a unique proposal for a modern, Nordic cluster of towers – a Norwegian urban rock, that in an exciting way adds to the city’s strategic endeavour to interlace town and port into a contemporary and lively waterfront, and at the same time fulfils the client KLP Eiendom’s vision to build the most groundbreaking high-rise offices in Scandinavia.

“We are proud that Crystal Clear once again gives us the chance to contribute a significant new project to the city of Oslo, strengthening our position in Norway, and demonstrating the broad spectre of skills our office possesses.”

ATKINS and Norwegian Erichsen og Horgen AS are appointed as engineers on Crystal Clear, which is expected to be completed within 3-5 years.

C. F. Møller Architects, in collaboration with Kristin Jarmund Arkitekter, has won a major competition to design a spectacular new landmark project in the city of Oslo, for the client KLP AS, one of Norway’s largest property investors. The project, which has been dubbed “Crystal Clear”, consists of three towers, which grow organically from the ground to form a sculptural cluster, and are composed of stacked, prismatic volumes.

  • Atelier and Guest House Design by C. F. Møller Architects