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October 28, 2016 By: Jason Marie Category: Без рубрики

Kitchel residence is one of residence that placed on the hills and surrounded by environmentally sensitive forest. Designed by BOORA Architects, in Northwest Portland, Oregon. The house’s boomerang shape and folded geometry aligns with the topography which produces a dynamic special quality and admits daylight. While designing the house the goal was to create a calm place which maintain openness while preserving privacy. In the result a 825-square-foot room was created that includes a kitchen, a dining area, and a living room on the lower floor. A bedroom and office perch above in a dramatically contoured, sparsely decorated loft. A 38-foot-long, two-level bookshelf filled with a prodigious collection of tomes snakes along the wall’s inner surface, connecting the bedroom to the office along a hovering hallway. This solution doesn’t take a lot of space or spoil aesthetic of the interior but store enormous amount of books. The extensive glazing contributes to the open and spacious feeling of the home, while the tree canopy provides privacy for the living spaces.


K2Ld are not just good in building houses from scratch, but also in interior decorating. This Westwood apartment is just one example of their great work.

The apartment looks like it is very big one although that not just because of it size but because of interior design too. Most of the space combined in large living area what with built-in closets and only necessary furniture create the feeling of large openness. All possible furniture is wooden and everything besides kitchen is colored in light beige or brown. That made the interior very warm. A lot of lighting everywhere just add the feeling of cosines. Although when you see kitchen or bathroom you can understand that apartment isn’t so big as it looks and open living room is a great way to improve overall impression of size.

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