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Architecture and Home Design | Hilltop Glade, Small Vacation House by Maryann Thompson Architects

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This is Hilltop Glade, small vacation house was designed by Maryann Thompson Architects.Surrounded by conifers and native shrub grasses. The design scheme emphasizes the home’s panoramic views of Cape Cod Bay in the distance and takes advantage of the dramatic slope of the site. The plan is divided between two volumes, the larger of which contains the primary living spaces, bedrooms and a study, while the smaller one is designated as a guesthouse. For further detail visit Maryann Thompson Architects site.

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  • Omaha Beach House, Holiday House Design by Pete Bossley Architects

Architecture and Home Design | Nortwest Peach Farm Residence by Bates Masi Architects

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Nortwest Peach Farm Residence was designed by Bates Masi Architects. This residence is built for single family living. Built away from city crowds and traffic. Built with durability material, not only for durability but also for their gradual changes over many years. Location in East Hampton New York.  See this site for further detail [ Bates Masi Architects ], and enjoy the images below.

  • Long Island House by Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects

  • Swell House, Single Family House by Studio ST

  • Architecture of JetBlue Airways Terminal 5, JFK International Airport by Gensler Architect

Architecture and Home Design | Beautiful Christmas Centerpiece Decoration

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Here are sweet collection for decorating your Christmas table when family and friends gather for Christmas party in your home. The most cool fact about them is that they could be made almost from everything. Flowers, fruits, candles, plants, candies – everything is great if you’re creative enough. Check out below, hope this few beautiful Christmas centerpiece decoration inspiration can give you some creative inspiring ideas decorating your Christmas table.

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Architecture and Home Design | Bed Designs from Huelsta, Modern and Luxury Bed Design for Your Bedroom

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Here are some bed designs from Huelsta, available in several choice. Modern and luxury bed design. We hope this post useful for you to create or decorate your bedroom. For further detail visit Huelsta site. Available: LILAC Bed ACREA Bed CASAnotte Bed CEPOSI Bed EASY FLEX ELUMO Bed FLAVO Bed LA VELA II Bed MANIT Bed METIS Bed METIS plus Bed MIOLETTO Bed


  • Luxury Italian Bedroom Inspiration by Bonaldo

  • Creating Luxury Bedroom with Beautiful Bed from MobilFresno

  • Bedroom Decorating with Lilac Bed from Hülsta

Architecture and Home Design | Modern Solar Powered Beach House by Zero Energy Design

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Solar power is a possible future for power in our homes. Year after year green ideas become stronger and solar power become stronger with them. Too bad that to power a house with solar energy it should be situated in right part of the planet. Zero Energy Design is one of not many studios that add complex solar solutions in their house designs. Beach house in Truro is one of their works. It was designed to become perfect accommodation of a large family when their living their Boston residence for weekends and summers. There are a lot of bedrooms around the house and many of them have luxury water views. The roof sports a large solar electric array. A battery back-up and energy management system store electricity from the solar array to ensure the basic functions of the home through blackouts without the use of a gas-powered generator. Aside from energy efficient appliances and water heaters lighting system is also designed to be energy efficient

The combination the energy efficient building envelope and systems with the solar array will allow the home to produce as much energy as it uses over the course of a year.

  • Modern Beach House for Spending a Weekend

  • Casa Kimball, Private Beach House and Luxury Rental Villa in Dominican Republic

  • L-shaped House with Beach View by Nathan Good Architect

Architecture and Home Design | young family home

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This is a beach house in Pacific Palisades, California with attached 2-car garage on a small lot for a young family, designed to take maximum advantage of the ultimate ocean view while simultaneously maintaining privacy. House has an open yet cozy plan. Roof Deck and other West facing rooms open to the prime ocean view. Designed by Peter Cohen Architect.

House with Ocean View in Pacific Palisades, California by Peter Cohen Architect (more…)

Architecture and Home Design | Wilton Pool House

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It may be a pool house, but this cool 364m2 suburban Connecticut home could easily be the abode of choice. Designed by forward-thinking New York-based Hariri & Hariri Architecture, the Wilton Pool House idea is based on the principles of modern minimalism and a strong connection to nature. The pool house architecture is characterized by a long, angular archway of rich, Brazilian walnut wood that runs the length of the pool and folds over an outdoor seating area. The archway provides protection from the sun when lounging, swimming, or enjoying an al fresco meal. Glass walls enclose the main living areas, which contains a kitchen, bar, bathroom and a small terrace.

Architecture and Home Design | Wainscot

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Designed by TsAO & McKOWN Architects. This beautiful rural retreat is located in Wainscot, New York, United States. The primary challenge was to design for the needs of a yet-to-be-determined client. Another significant question was how to root the house to the earth; the nearly flat site in a young growth forest offered no footing. We responded by reshaping the topography, establishing the first level slightly below grade and sculpting the surrounding terrain into a gentle rise. In addition to anchoring the house, this also allowed the visible volume to be reduced, and enabled the creation of indoor/outdoor spaces that are at once secluded, yet very open to their surroundings.

The house functions (physically and psychologically) on multiple levels – as much an intimate retreat for two (or one) as an accommodating host to an extended family (or numerous guests) – thus promoting multiple, overlapping narratives. Above, the public face; contained, controlled, consistent. Below, the private sphere; free-wheeling and spontaneous. We chose to embrace, rather than deny, this inherent ambivalence – a duality that is universal to the human condition.

Architecture and Home Design | Tony Owen NDM

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This house was designed by Tony Owen NDM to capture the spirit of Sydney’s Bondi Beach in a home which both beach house and urban style dwelling. The line of the wave is the underlying element which runs through the house. It forms an entry wing over the garage at the south and rises to give greater height to the living room at the north end. Kitchen, dining and living areas are combined and lead out to the garden. The centrepiece of the area is a built-in, cantilevered polished concrete workbench in the shape of a moulded seven. High windows run the length of one wall, while a low, glassed wall on the other side looks out on an elegant pool. Despite plenty of glass, the neighbouring houses are not visible. Because glass is everywhere in the house it isn’t surprise that the owner also owns glass supply business.

Architecture and Home Design | Thorp Houses

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Thorp Houses, Two Beach House, designed by Pete Bossley Architects. This project represents the rare possibility of designing two houses on adjacent sites. The buildings are similar in form and massing but differenet in plan and with subtle variations of materials and colour to offer individuality.