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Architecture and Home Design | B20, Single Family House Design with Reflective Glass by PK Arkitektar

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B20, Single Family House Design with Reflective Glass designed by PK Arkitektar. Structural system is reinforced concrete walls and slabs. Main materials of the exterior walls are covered with stones inlaid bands Icelandic Liparit (Red Ryolite) and reflective glass in aluminum construction. Construction of the roof is flat concrete insulated on the outside and covered with gravel. Construction of light roof is covered with sheets of zinc. The interior walls are plaster. Floors are tile flooring stone in public spaces and private spaces oak. The ceilings are drywall coating quality of sound absorption and integrated lighting. Ramps are toughed single green glass panels. Internal hard oak furniture lined with black interior are custom made by the design architect. Mechanical system is floor heating and cooling.

The composition of two basic boxes to create a space of tranquility within the complex. The spaces adjacent assimilates is generated with bare walls and a flood of indirect light from a window of heaven 6 meters long north. Both clubs are groups of containers and the wing of the house living on the streets and sleep together thr wing at the rear of the site. The atmosphere throughout the house is mainly obtained from the difference between the two boxes and a container to move through this space. The flow of space is further strengthened by continuous surfaces reached with the stratification of openings enormous obstacles cons-heavy. Aperture Frameless encourage views from one space to another. The entrance is over two floors, connected directly to the vacuum that connects the two loft. Kitchen, dining room, and life is a story and a half-space with a large window wide angle, as the focal point captures the views of the sea The private wing has two floors housing rooms and high on the top floor and a health service and a house on the fourth door on a lover. [ Via ]

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