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Architecture and Home Design | Italian Kitchen, Modern Kitchen by Futura Cucine

April 15, 2016 By: Jason Marie Category: Без рубрики

The game of black and white colors is a usual fashionable theme of interior design. If you one of those people who think that nothing can be more modern than combination of glossy black and white elements then you’ll be certainly amazed by Diana. Diana is one of the latest kitchens by famous Italian company Futura Cucine. This kitchen consist of three parts: kitchen island, glossy white drawers with built-in appliances and shelves with integrated illumination. All drawers have recessed handles which are almost unnoticeable and make this kitchen design even minimalist. The interesting feature of this modern kitchen is the fire area, which is represented by thick stainless steel plate. This plate with integrated hobs is combined with comfortable breakfast table. The black range hood is not only very useful appliance but also very beautiful decoration of this kitchen. It perfectly enrich kitchen’s black and white design.

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