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Architecture and Home Design | mfa

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April Hannah is an artist and designer working in Brooklyn. She received her MFA from the School of Visual Arts in 2001. April’s work will be included in the upcoming 2010 CMCA Biennial at the Center for Maine Contemporary Art in Rockport, Maine as well as a solo exhibition at the Islesboro Historical Society of Islesboro, Maine. Tree Table is her collections. Tree Table and Pocket Stool, Interlocking Tree Table and Stool, and Tree Desk. Description of Tree Table Collection :

All the pieces in the Tree Table Collection are made from substantial one-inch, FSC certified, formaldehyde-free plywood that uses a soy-based glue; and water-based, non-toxic finishes. Tables and stools are available with maple or walnut veneer and edge color choices of grass green, sky blue, dove white or clear coat. All pieces ship flat and require minimal assembly. Visit April Hannah site for further information about this tree table collections.


Architecture and Home Design | Modern Oasis Interior Design

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Lori Dennis Interior Design is one of the nation’s top interior design firms. They focus on each client’s needs knowing that every project is as unique as its owner. Lori Dennis Interior Design is a full service office overseeing complete interior and exterior design and development in the residential, hospitality and commercial arenas. The firm will consider projects throughout the United States and internationally.

Modern Oasis is one of Lori Dennis Interior Design’s collection in interior design. Enjoy the image below. Please visit Lori Dennis Interior Design site for further detail about this interior design.


Architecture and Home Design | Luxury Home Interior

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The project is located on uneven ground of 3.160 m2 and has 2 uses:
The first is a home of great footage, which with much larger spaces for daily living and the second is to use a gallery, which was part of a customer’s requirements due to their love for art. The uneven ground was the guiding principle for the design of this house as there were variations of up to 10 meters in the vertical. Because of this, the proposal was to distribute applications on different levels. In the lower gallery. With the need for air conditioning to the enclosed space volume emerges as if it were a large rock platform.


When it comes to great ocean views, spectacular interiors and a prime property that connects you to the heart of one of the world’s most cosmopolitan hangouts, there are probably few homes on the planet that will rival this stunning and simply vivacious luxury home on the coast of Brisbane, Australia. [ via ]

Architecture and Home Design | House 53, Modern House Design by Marcio Kogan in Brazil

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Marcio Kogan is famous architect, one of  his latest works is House 53.  It  is one of  Modern House Design,  located  in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  As some of his other projects are distinguished by the simplicity, comfort and interesting combinations of materials. By  Marcio Kogan the house was designed as a monolithic block of wood and mortar, with another volume of concrete and glass on it. Most rooms with wooden walls May will be fully open to receive any natural light or be completely closed to darken the interior. The first floor contains a public space like a living room and kitchen. The upper floor consists of private spaces and offers a panoramic view over the surrounding landscape. It is important for the region to maintain external relationships important in areas covered terraces and this house is not exclusion. [Via]

  • Curve Townhouse Design by Studio ST Architect in New York

  • Interior Design of Kamen Residence by TOKEN, Design and Fabricate a Custom Leather Floor Covering

  • Two Pavilions House Design, Modern House Design by Johannsen and Associates

Architecture and Home Design | Contemporary House Design by Stanbolt Architect

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Stanbolt Architect designed this house using cooper material for the roof extesion and designed in unique shape gesture. At upstairs, there is a modern deck and glass wall to capture the stunning views. [ Stanbolt Architect ]

  • Richard Residence, Two Level Family Residence by Richard Kirk Architect

  • Overboard Residence, Contemporary House Design in Paget, Bermuda

  • Courtyard House Design by Thomas Robertson

Architecture and Home Design | Italian Kitchen, Modern Kitchen by Futura Cucine

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The game of black and white colors is a usual fashionable theme of interior design. If you one of those people who think that nothing can be more modern than combination of glossy black and white elements then you’ll be certainly amazed by Diana. Diana is one of the latest kitchens by famous Italian company Futura Cucine. This kitchen consist of three parts: kitchen island, glossy white drawers with built-in appliances and shelves with integrated illumination. All drawers have recessed handles which are almost unnoticeable and make this kitchen design even minimalist. The interesting feature of this modern kitchen is the fire area, which is represented by thick stainless steel plate. This plate with integrated hobs is combined with comfortable breakfast table. The black range hood is not only very useful appliance but also very beautiful decoration of this kitchen. It perfectly enrich kitchen’s black and white design.

  • Contemporary House Design with Two Fantastic Pool and Palm Trees Rounded

  • Modern Italian Kitchen, Kitchen with Minimalist Style

  • Barrique Italian Kitchen Design

Architecture and Home Design | London Ritz Hotel with Christmas Celebration Theme Interior Decoration

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The London Ritz Hotel offers five types of suite at Christmas celebration this year, all with beautiful, fully restored period interiors, and whichever bedroom or suite you choose, you’ll experience the best in luxury accommodation in London. Have you planned how and where you will celebrate the Christmas eve this years..? How about in this London Ritz Hotel?
For more information about the special promotion of Christmas celebration in London Ritz Hotel, please visit theritzlondon

Check out closer at the image to view London Ritz Hotel offers at Christmas celebration this year.

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  • Beautiful Christmas Centerpiece Decoration

  • Modern Interior Design of Cannon Place Residence by Belsize Architects

  • Utilize Recycled Materials to Make Christmas Tree and Ornaments

Architecture and Home Design | Luxury interior design ideas for apartmen

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This the work of Russian interior design studio Geometrix, the interior design for your apartment. Situated high above the city, in the Triumph Palace, a 57-story apartment building in Moscow, the penthouse is compartment-ed into spaces that have many accents in common. Created as a unified space, the residence balances light and dark in a carefully planned manner. Large windows allow gorgeous, uninterrupted views of the Russian capital and the generous terrace extends the living space over the city.

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  • Remain Attractive with Classic Style Interior Design

  • Chairs Collection, Modern Dining Furniture Collection from Stemik Living

  • Minimalist House Design by Vandeventer + Carlander Architects

Architecture and Home Design | CEPEMA – Environment Education and Research Center Design by Carlos Bratke Architect, in São Paulo, Brazil

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CEPEMA – Environment Education and Research Center is designed by Carlos Bratke Architect, located in São Paulo, Brazil.
Situated in a 20,000 square meter-area donated to the University by Petrobrás, the center will rely on two large laboratories –chemistry and biochemistry-, six classrooms, an auditorium, a documentation center, storeroom and support area. The facility also includes accommodation for researchers, an administrative sector, a nursery and wild fauna classification and rehabilitation services.

The CEPEMA – Environment Education and Research Center, built and supported by Petrobrás (Brazilian oil), for a five-year management course provided by University of São Paulo, acts in the research-promoting field and in the conception of innovative solutions used mainly by industries on the whole and by Petrobrás in particular. It is a relationship center between companies and the University, searching for modern and efficient solutions to environmental issues.

  • Foskett House, by Max Pritchard Architect

  • Sumaré House Design by Isay Weinfeild Architects, in São Paulo, Brazil

  • Luxury Home Design with Elegant Architectur and Large Outdoor Entertainment