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February 27, 2013 By: Jason Marie Category: Без рубрики

Here are interior design of Shimogamo House, Japanese house located in Kyoto-Japan. Designed by local architecture firm Edward Suzuki Associates for their client. The house designed with modern Japanese interior. The Architects was selected every furniture, furnishing, and equipment including even artwork for its interiors to accommodate their client who requesting to create a house which enable the residents to be able to see green from every room and feel a sense of spaciousness inside. Are you interested to have a house with interior like this? Hope this few interior inspiration can give you some creative inspiring ideas to decorate your home interior.

Villa M2 is lake house design, located in southern Sweden, and Designed by Jonas Lindvall A&D. This modern Villa that surrounding with natural view. Lake view can be enjoyed trough large glass wall. Opening small swing pool make feels like on lake. The bedroom in upper floor and large glass wall make it has a large view to the lake. [ Via ]


Daniel Libeskind’s recent project, a series of signature prefabricated homes, is a drastic change from his usual commissions. Although a smaller project (5,500 square foot), the residence strongly speaks his language of design with drastic angles, strong geometries and seamless transitions between spaces. In this ever-growing age of prefab dominance, Libeskind’s villas will be able to be shipped to almost any location in the world within months, and will be assembled on site by a team of experts within weeks. [ archdaily ]

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