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February 21, 2013 By: Jason Marie Category: Без рубрики

Here are pictures of beautiful interior decorating, ideas from West Chin, an architecture company based in New York whose works in matters of interior design. We bring you a selection of beautiful and inspiring interiors which we hope will beautify your home. The arrangements are very tasteful and some unique decorating items with color combination is elegant, with white walls which showcase simple and stylish paintings. With pots of flowers decorate each room, making the atmosphere cool and calm. Elegant living room, calm bedroom and clean kitchen open with the dining room, we think can make your living more happy. Enjoy the image below,, Via

Beautiful Interior Decorating Ideas from West Chin (more…)

This beach house was designed by Enoki with quality fittings and finishes. Enter the living room, the floor is covered with a layer of wood, sofas arranged neatly and TV mounted on the wall. Enter the kitchen, stainless kitchen is applied in, wall was covered with a stone structure. This beach house suitable for weekend with family.

Mitolo Beach House with Beautiful Interior by Enoki (more…)

West Chin, his wife Roseann Repetti and his team of designers like to give the rooms and homes that they conjure up and create a sensuous and sexy look that is in line with the modern minimalist trends. Opting for the sweeping and untainted white interiors, sleek furniture and a sophisticated space-age look, the interiors here use aesthetic accessories and dramatic lighting
to accentuate their beauty. With simple straight lines, contrasting shades and a philosophy that preaches ‘less is more’ the designs of West Chin are perfect for a world that craves for such uncomplicated designs.

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