February 17, 2020
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Wood and white decor creating a serene atmosphere in a Californian house

A palette of neutral colors, designer furniture, touches of greenery and large windows to admire the breathtaking view! The interior is spacious and has an airy aspect. So, follow us and discover the unparalleled beauty of this cozy home that has it all.

The wood and white decor creates a serene atmosphere where life is good

Color of choice, the white invites itself inside this welcoming home to bring him a refined look worthy of a beach house. In combination with the wood, the immaculate white highlights the elegant decor with every detail well cared for. In the picture above. You can take a look at the contemporary living room bathed in natural light thanks to the large windows overlooking the ocean.

Some branches of greenery placed in a stone container make sure to refresh the decor without deciding with the style of the whole. It is one of the best tips for a Californian house.

To boost the decor a little, the owners have opted for tiles in white. And black fun patterns. Dressing a part of the fireplace, they give a boost to the living room. The boho spirit wall element is a kind of decorative accessory that DIYers can easily make.

This is the technique of macrame to give a second life to the interior decor. The suspension that crowns the fireplace is in full harmony with the furniture. And at the same time recalls the free spirit and adventurous.

Creating a unique atmosphere in the dining room, the wood and white decor is very sophisticated and brings a natural touch to space. The latter is also reinforced by rattan elements referring to travel and the tropics.

To succeed in a serene color palette, the designers have incorporated some shades of gray visible especially on the edges of the dresser, chairs and dynamic patterned cushions. However, such a refined decor cannot do without some design suspensions with the ability to refine each interior.

Although the owners have dared one of the pretty shades of cyan color for their suspensions, the decor is not overloaded at all. On the contrary: design luminaires cool the decor in a discreet way while giving it a colorful appearance.

A trendy kitchen with refined wood and white décor

Realized and arranged in a very practical way. The kitchen is not at all congested and offers an easy passage. Bathed in natural light, it overlooks the dining room. And enjoys open space and spacious. It is one of the best tips for a Californian house.

As an integral part of every gourmet piece, the central island not only gives it structure but also keeps it in the wind. And while you’re at it, it’s important to pay attention to another trendy detail that is becoming more and more common in functional kitchens. These are the open shelves that made the buzz last year but are still continuing their glory.


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