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window air conditioner

Window air conditioner filter-The air conditioner removes airborne particles such as dust, pollen, animal dander, cigarette smoke, mold, bacteria, etc. That is why it is important to clean and change the air conditioning filters.

The air filters are made of nylon, this material being in constant friction with the air, causes it to be charged with static electricity and thanks to it traps the small particles present in the air.

The filters should be cleaned a couple of times a year, usually every six months coinciding with the change from cold to heat mode and vice versa. On the other hand, they must be replaced by a new one when they are broken or damaged or we have observed that they fail to fulfill their function.

To avoid the appearance of bacteria and odors due to the accumulation of particles the filters must be kept clean. To clean the air filters Split we should never use brushes, scourers or similar as they can damage them. It is best to place them in the sink, bathtub or a large bucket and rinse them with hot water while rubbing a little with soapy hands.

Changing the filter of the Split type air conditioner is very easy, you just have to unhook the filter carefully, remove it and replace it with a new one instead.

What tools and materials do you need to install your window air conditioner?

best window air conditioner

Having air conditioning today more than a luxury, is almost a necessity and more with the heat that is doing lately. It ended that only a few could get one of those devices that feel so good to our homes in summer. And is that, as we discussed in our post ” Truths and lies about air conditioning, ” can be used without problems during the night getting better sleep and without being afraid of catching cold, provided you know how to use it well …

Well, if you want to save the most but do not discard the idea of ​​enjoying air conditioning, a good option is to do the installation yourself without having to pay what a professional technician will charge you for it: travel, hours of installation, possible extra materials such as pipes, etc.

Today we are going to show you what tools and materials you will need to be able to install your own air conditioning (or whoever it is), in the best conditions and with the greatest possible professionalism. Without removing merit to the person who dedicates himself daily to it, yes.

Materials needed to install the air conditioner:

  • Canal for window air conditioner with lid
  • 1/2 “copper pipe for gas pipe
  • 1/4 “copper tube for liquid pipe
  • Armaflex insulation pipe for 1/2 “and 1/4” to isolate the previous pipes
  • Insulation tape or armaflex, for the finishes of the valves (serves to isolate and join the armaflex tupos you use)
  • Drain pipe for indoor and outdoor unit
  • T connection to join the previous drain pipes
  • 2 Threads for 1/4 “pipe if they are not placed in the equipment
  • 4 Sílentblocks
  • 20 Tacks of five or six mm and screws
  • 6 to 8 Screws with expansion studs or metal studs (8 to 10 mm)
  • Network cable (3 wires will be needed from the outlet or junction box to the indoor unit)
  • 2 and 5 wire cable to communicate the indoor unit with the outside
  • Silicone or sealing paste that will serve to cover the hole made in the wall
  • Electrical connection strip, 3 to 6 units according to needs
  • In addition, you can find spare parts for the window air conditioner system on this page .

Tools that we will need for the installation:

  • Drill with hammer for wall, how much larger and better quality
  • Wall drills of different sizes and lengths
  • Crown drill to start the hole from inside the room (this type does not break the plaster)
  • Crown drill for wall that will serve to continue the hole
  • Escarpara to chop the wall
  • Hammer or thick mallet
  • Arc saw for the gutters
  • Cutting pliers for electricity
  • level
  • Subway
  • Large and small star tip screwdriver
  • Vacuum pump
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • English keys (measures: 12,13,17,22,24)
  • Large roller wrench
  • Pressure pliers
  • Silicone gun and silicone tubes
  • Expanded foam boat just in case
  • Curved spring tubes for ½ “or bend
  • Cut small tubes, if we have large can serve
  • Flasher for cold pipes
  • Manometers suitable for the gas to be used

How to reduce the electricity consumption of your window air conditioner

Summer is approaching and with it the fans, the air conditioners and any device that makes us feel fresh in the face of the high temperatures of this season. But the hot flash really comes when the electricity bill arrives … The high price that must be paid to maintain the air conditioning is a great economic effort.

Next we will show you how to reduce the electricity consumption of your air conditioner and save money on your bill.

Place the window air conditioner in the right place

When we acquire an air conditioner we have to find the ideal place to install it. Deciding where you will go is essential to make the most of your energy. We must place it where we can ensure that the air expelled when we turn it on is distributed throughout the room and not wasted.

Install a thermostat

By installing a thermostat we can control the temperature of the space both when the air conditioner is turned off and on. In this way we will control the temperature to use or not the air conditioning and we will avoid the unnecessary use of energy.

Switch off before leaving

Before leaving home, we must make sure that the air conditioner is switched off. If we do not do it, we will waste our energy and we will have an unnecessary expense.

Keep doors and windows tightly closed

To retain the temperature of the air conditioning for a longer period of time and to make it more efficient, the doors and windows should remain closed. In this way we will save energy and take advantage of the air that it provides us.

Use air conditioning substitutes

A good advice to save on energy and continue to maintain a cool and pleasant environment is to turn on the air conditioning for a while until reaching the desired temperature and then turn on the fan and turn off the air conditioning. In this way the air stays fresh and refreshing for longer time fan blade movement.

Do not abuse low temperatures

When we raise the air conditioning temperature by one degree, the energy consumption increases by 8%. It is advisable to maintain a stable temperature and not abuse excessively low temperatures if we do not want our electricity bill to be exorbitant.

Maintenance of your air conditioner

When the summer season starts, the air conditioner starts up again after having spent a few months off. It may not work at full capacity, so it is advisable to make a general review that will help us find out if there are flaws in the system and make the most of its functions.