February 21, 2020
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vintage furniture

The vintage furniture means giving new life to old or old objects. Therefore, do not hesitate to show them, especially if they have their own story.

Do you like the vintage furniture and  know how you could use it in your home . Or in some of your stays? In this article we give you some tips on how to decorate your home with vintage furniture.

The vintage style

the vintage furniture

Vintage is the style that promotes the use in the decoration of old or old objects. However, they are not so old as to be considered antiquities. That is why, normally speaking of vintage style, we refer to original objects prior to the nineties, especially from the 70s, even from the 1920s.

Thanks to this style, the spaces can be equipped with an especially original touch, which brings freshness and, at the same time, the nostalgia of earlier times.

On the other hand, we should not confuse the vintage with the retro style. In effect, these are two different decoration styles. While in the retro style we look for modern objects that evoke or imitate designs from previous years, in the vintage style we talk about the recovery and use of really old objects.

Where to find vintage furniture ?

Search the old objects of the family will give your rooms a vintage and personalized touch. Since we are talking about original objects from other eras, finding vintage furniture is not something you can normally do in a modern decoration store.

On the contrary, to find these types of objects you will surely have to go to second-hand stores or traces. In addition, you may already have some of these objects, forgotten in the attic or garage, from earlier times.

What you have to do is give new life to those objects. Indeed, one of the advantages of the vintage style is that it allows you to “relive” an object from past years. Therefore, important tasks when deciliter for a vintage decoration is to recycle and restore those objects .

Thus, it is not necessary for you to decide on second-hand items from earlier times that are in perfect condition. The goal is that you can also give them your personal touch. So, for example, maybe you have found an old mirror and you get down to work to restore the frame or paint it in a different color.

The same goes for the furniture, which can be restored in an original way to become a vintage piece in the decoration. Therefore, it is better that you decide for pieces that tell you something and that, after a personal development, you can endow your stay with the style you really want: unique, original, personal and vintage.

Tips for a vintage style furniture

Man polishing wood

The idea is to be able to restore old objects that, due to their use, could have been altered.

For example, you can take some metal garden buckets or old watering cans to paint them in other colors and use them as vases inside your house. You will be able to endow your home with a sweet nostalgia and the light of other times reviving today.

In the same way, you can also frame old clothes or jewelry and use them as a vintage painting for your rooms or hallways. Likewise, you can also restore benches as auxiliary furniture, incorporate old trunks to your decoration, lamps from other eras, cushions from past styles in modern sofas …

Mix styles

Mixture and miscellany are fashionable. In addition, a vintage object will draw more attention with a modern object and, therefore, do not be afraid to mix old things with modern things.

So, for example, you can use the vases we proposed before in a modern glass or metal table, or you can incorporate a lamp from decades ago in a modern room.

Use familiar objects

Once decorated, your rooms will have stories to tell in a unique style. If the vintage is the originally old thing brought back to life, imagine that, in addition, those objects have their own history. So, if your grandparents’ furniture finds old objects or furniture that can serve you, do not hesitate to use them. This type of inheritance is a real treasure.

In this way, in addition to a vintage style, you will endow your house with a spirit of its own with a story to tell.

Mix textures

An old wooden furniture will be great in combination with metal chairs. The mixture will give the feeling of coexistence and balance of the new and the old. You can also, for example, use old wooden chairs on a modern glass dining table. The feeling will be incredible.

As you have seen, it is not difficult to decorate with a vintage furniture. You only need to find objects from other eras and give them new life, incorporate them into modernity and enjoy the elegant and original touch with which they will endow your home.

How to generate the vintage style in decoration

The cycles of textile fashion also go through decoration. This is the movement vintage , a modern attempt to return to other times but combined with the new from simple details. Among which can be remarked an important profusion of elements. Many of them with simple aesthetic function and not of use. This breaks with the premises of minimalism, in addition to offering a regression view.

The vintage is allowed to populate furniture, whether tables, desks or libraries, portraits, books, vases and others, marking a break with the strictly rational. The following is a series of features developed by specialists in design. And decoration, which guide those who seek to begin the process of renovating the house with retro or vintage style.

Prints: they cannot be missing; in fact they are very characteristic of the style. They do not have to be flowers; there are many others that have the same retro effect. They can be used for textiles, such as pillows, curtains, quilts, carpets, upholstery for chairs, sofas or armchairs.

Materials: the wicker, the forge and, of course, the wood are classic. As we have highlighted, the fabric also has a leading role, used in vivid colors or prints.

Walls: wallpaper with prints and a more modern one for the contrast between the old and the modern. Play the effects with frames of frames and mirrors, very characteristic too. Its forms: rounded and with many details.

Lighting:  glass teardrop lamps will prevail in the room. If you opt for another, always the spider type, will charge a relevant role. Table lamps: opt for those with rounded shapes. To do this, use flexible materials such as textiles; for the base, the metal is the most suitable. Floor lamps: follow the same line as for table lamps. The foot can be oval and the focus type hood.

Decorative elements:  must have old style; without a doubt, they are the ones that will give a different look to the room. For example, pin-ups, a gramophone, a wooden pendulum clock, dinnerware from the 1950s, a telephone with a disk. Wooden magazine racks, mirrors, French paintings and desks.

Furniture: retrieve furniture in flea market, antique stores or furniture boutiques.