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improve your home

Over the years there are many possibilities that new trends in decoration offer us to improve our home. Today we will talk about 5 tips that will help you to improve your home and comfortable home.

Tips to improve your home

Change bathtub by showerimprove your home

More and more people are getting into the car of this change. It’s about changing the old bathtub of a lifetime for a shower. The showers are much more comfortable for all members of the house, in addition, this change from the bathtub to shower can be even more effective if we put a transparent glass screen without profiles, which will give the finish a touch more elegant.

Opting for open spacesimprove your home

The open concept is in fashion, something we can see in the decoration programs that have been popularized in several television channels. It is about expanding spaces, gathering environments, such as the kitchen and the living-dining room are united. This type of space is more comfortable to be wider and to interact with all members of the house wherever you are.

Close the terrace or the porch

The enclosures of the terrace or porch of the most common nowadays, it is about closing with a glass the spaces, allowing its use regardless of the time you make. Rain or snow, we can use the terrace or the porch without any problem.

Energy saving light bulbs

You can also choose the LED lights, which are low consumption, this will benefit the environment and will benefit you, seeing how the electricity bills are lower. If you also opt for appliances that spend little, you can see a really important reduction.

Optimizes space

One of the most common problems in all homes is the lack of space, if this is your case, you have to improve storage spaces. You can include more cabinets for this purpose or opt for boxes or other equally valid systems.

With these 5 tips, you will get to improve your home considerably, try it!