February 17, 2020
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  • 3:53 am Make from your balcony your little private garden
private garden

Private garden-To prevent pests from ending up in our garden, we must plant aromatic plants near the vegetables. In this way we will be able to drive away all kinds of insects.

Maybe your house is very small, or that between the space of the children or the one occupied by your partner for their hobbies, they hardly leave you a corner where you can develop your creativity. Have you ever thought about creating a particular garden?

It is important to have a space of your own in the house. It may be your room. But if there is a place where we should always offer attention it is to our balcony or our terrace.

There is light and fresh air that make it that union with the outside that offers freedom and small moments of creativity, so … What do you think if we start to create our little garden private?

Time, creativity and good earth

the private garden

These are the three pillars that will make your private garden the most beautiful corner of the house. And no, no matter how small or ugly it is in these moments.

With a little time, you win and a few seeds and a land rich in nutrients we can do wonders.

What materials do I need?

We do not want to spend money. So, and with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčalso taking care of our environment, we will use recycled materials or objects that we no longer use at home:

  • Yogurts as seedbeds: A very suitable way to get the seeds to grow and then pass the cuttings to the pots is to use, for example, the containers of the yoghurts.
  • Large plastic cans or bottles: Some people get spectacular orchards on their balconies by reusing old cans or those big 5-liter water jugs to use as pots.
  • If the space of your balcony is very small, a fantastic idea would be to hang the pots on the wall. You can use structures of hanging planters, or dare yourself with drills and nails to put those planters along the wall that you have free.
  • One of the most important aspects of our particular garden is to use land already treated with nutrients. Here we should invest some money, since in this way we will make sure that our small harvest is fruitful.

What can I plant in my private garden?

You can plant everything that the climatic conditions allow you. Depending on the season you will have the possibility of taking one type of crop or another. However, to have a well-completed garden we suggest the following:

Aromatic plants

The aromatic plants can serve us as original condiments in the food, as medicinal components for our infusions or, simply, to offer a pleasant smell to the house.

  • Mint: The cultivation of mint is very grateful as well as simple. You must plant it in seed or cuttings at the end of summer or early fall. You will need a wide pot and a good drainage system.
  • Parsley: The parsley is basic for many of our meals and also taken infusion is very suitable for the kidneys. You should plant it in the middle of summer and take care of it a lot in the cold season, because it is somewhat delicate. It takes 2 to 3 months to leave.
  • Salvia: Sage is one of the most medicinal and useful plants we can grow. You need a land with some sand and adequate drainage. You should plant it in the spring and always offer plenty of light.
  • Chamomile: If you are one of those who cannot pass without your afternoon tea, do not hesitate: include in your private chamomile garden. Plant it in summer, with half the soil rich in nutrients and the other half with sand, to make it drainage. It should receive the heat of the sun, but not directly.

Vegetables for our private garden

  • Cherry tomatoes: They are ideal for our garden on the balcony. Start buying the cuttings, and then prepare the pot with that enriched earth.
  • As soon as it has grown a few centimeters, we must add a cane and tie its branches to serve as a guide and support. If it is very windy, you should protect it with plastic around it.
  • Garlic: You will need a large pot. In this case we would do very well a large plastic bottle cut in half. Enter the teeth of garlic to a good depth in the summer season.
  • Let the sun shine and remember to water them only once a week, since they do not like the humidity very much.
  • Onions: You can have your own onion crop in the simplest way. You will also need a large pot and the bulbs already prepared. Plant those 3 cm deep and offer them a little water every day.

They need a lot of sun, and have the disadvantage that they usually suffer a lot from the attack of pests. Solution? Put the pot next to the plants aromatic, keep them away.

However, you should have a little patience, because both garlic and onions take a long time to come out.

As you can see, enjoying our own private garden is as easy as it is fun. Do you dare to start your project today?