February 21, 2020
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plastic containers

Plastic containers has become one of the most used materials in all history. Although some proposals are currently being presented to reduce their use, a large number of products continue to use it as raw material for their packaging. Reusing plastic containers is a great ecological strategy!

This situation has been a strong influence of environmental pollution, because its use on average in all households is huge. In addition, many of the elements go to waste, because not everyone knows that it can be reused in multiple ways.

The most worrisome is that it is causing a negative impact on natural resources, given that it is not biodegradable and affects both water and flora and fauna. For this reason, the tendency to reuse is not only a fashion, but a necessity.

How can you support it? Well, it’s very simple. From now on, it starts to inform you about how to make better use of the containers that accumulate in your home. Next, we share some interesting ideas that you can put into practice.

Ideas for reusing plastic containers that accumulate in the home

 reusing plastic containers

For some years, a series of ideas have been shared to reuse plastic containers. While many campaigns have forced industries to change their manufacturing materials, we realize that in the home they continue to accumulate in large quantities.

Although there are entities responsible for recycling, many prefer to use their own crafts to take advantage of it. And, without the need to invest a lot of time, a simple bottle can become a very useful element in the house. How?


There are dozens of alternatives to create beautiful pots for plants with plastic bottles and gallons that arrive at home. All you need is a little creativity to give them different shapes. Remember that in the bottom you have to make small holes so that the water leaks.

Feeders for birds

From a plastic container you can make a nice bird feeder that will also help decorate the garden. You just have to open several holes in a medium bottle and then insert a spoon or a wooden stick. The birds will arrive alone!

Candy dispenser

Are you thinking about having a party or meeting? Do not stop making this curious candy dispenser with plastic. You just have to cut out the flower-shaped backgrounds that have some soda bottles and decorate their edges with colored ribbons.

Zippered containers

By joining the bottoms of two plastic bottles you can make an interesting container with zipper to store accessories. In addition, you can also choose the size that you like the most or, if you prefer, you can use it as a purse. They are great!

Pet food dispenser

Instead of spending money buying a container for your pet’s food, attach a couple of large plastic bottles and make an interesting food dispenser. If you want to look more decorative, paint it and, also, put some stickers with animal motifs.

Trash or trash

Instead of throwing plastic bottles in the trash, make them the trash can. Although you must invest a little time, the craft will be worth it. Join several containers of the same size until you get the shape of the bin. When you are ready, put the bag.


A simple and interesting way to reuse plastic containers is to make beautiful candlesticks. The first option is to use the peaks of the bottles, in which the sails fit well. Another alternative is to use the funds for candles or thick candles.

Toothbrush holder

Do you keep toothbrushes in disarray? Solve it by reusing! If you join several peaks of plastic bottles you can make a curious and decorative toothbrush holder. Of course, we advise you to make some holes in the bottom so that they do not retain traces of water.

Multipurpose containers

Oversize plastic bottles or bottles can be converted into multi-purpose containers similar to baskets. The most important thing is that you use all your creativity to decorate them as you like. In the end you can use them to make the purchase or also to store food.

Magazine racks

It is time to put order to all those magazines that there are runs in the office or library. Using the gallon containers, as in the ones where the cleaners come, we can create a useful magazine. How about?

There are many interesting crafts to reuse the plastic containers that arrive at the home. Just enough to invest a little time and creativity to get beautiful accessories from this material.

How to recycle pet from home?

PET, short for polyethylene Merthiolate, is a type of plastic used mostly in beverage containers, especially water bottles, and in textiles. Recycling PET, has a great importance in plastics, for its massive presence.

Disposable containers are not biodegradable, and if they are not destined for recycling, they are buried, incinerated or accumulated in outdoor garbage dumps. Not recycling PET is both a source of contamination and a loss of raw material.

How to recycle it?

There are usually three ways to recycle PET: mechanical, chemical and energetic; being the first one the most used because it is the least expensive.

You can learn to recycle pet yourself, I share some ideas to achieve it. Remember that imagination is the limit.

  • Toys
  • Gardening
  • Cookware
  • Lamps for the home
  • Personal utility

Create fantastic crafts with glass jars

In this post we teach you two simple and fun crafts to recycle glass boats. We will create our own artificial aquarium (a small scale ecosystem) and we will make a magical fairy house, two fantastic crafts using glass jars that we no longer use. We start!

Make your own aquarium

Underwater worlds and marine life is a discovery for any girl or boy. Normally, they cannot imagine the amount of fish and algae that live under the sea and are fascinated. To satisfy your curiosity, you can carry out a very fun craft with which you will create your own marine ecosystem in a recycled glass jar.  In addition, this craft is so simple that can be carried out by children from three years.

We will need the following materials:

  • Glass jar.
  • Small rocks.
  • Blue coloring
  • Plastic figures

To begin, we will take a recycled glass jar  that is clean and dry. Next, we will build a base with stones and plastic plants imitating the seabed. We can also put a pirate ship sunk!

Now comes a very funny part! We fill it with water and add a little blue dye and glycerin. It’s taking shape, right? Then we will include the toy animals we have chosen: a shark, a seahorse, a dolphin, fish … whatever we want!

If we want, for safety, we can stick the lid with glue to prevent it from opening. Now the little ones already know  how to create an aquarium with a recycled glass jar ! This activity will bring them closer to the seabed and will allow them to give a new life to the jars that normally accumulate at home. If you like it, you can create as many ecosystems as you want!

Create fairy tale cottages

There are boys and girls who prefer the world of fairies and all the secrets they hide. What if we tell you that fairies exist? So is! They live in  recycled glass boats converted into magical little houses . But in order to build them they need a little help, do we give them a hand?

What do we need?

  • A glass boat
  • Cutter
  • Paintings
  • Tapas or pasta molds.