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Paint the garden wall in a color

Do you find that the fence wall of the garden? The partition wall terrace or wood blackout panels that separate you from neighbors denote with your decor? Paint your outer walls in color! In a few brush strokes, you can transform your outdoor space and give it a unique style. Here are the tips for Paint the garden wall in a color.

Painted garden wall: choose the right colorPaint the garden wall in a color

The choice of the color of a wall depends on its vis-a-vis and its orientation. If the wall is placed facing your windows, opt for a tint that you will not get tired of. And that will create continuity with your interior. Reserve bright colors on a side wall, less visible from your windows. Finally, check the orientation of the wall when choosing the color. If you dream of a dark color such as black or navy, know that these colors require a good sun exposure to be sublimated. It is one of the best tips Paint the garden wall in a color

Some rules to know

Painting an exterior wall visible from the street requires respecting certain local planning rules. Indeed, each municipality imposes in order to preserve a certain visual harmony and a local style: inquire with your town hall before launching you. Similarly, in a building, painting the wall of your balcony in color requires permission from the condo, whether you are a tenant or owner. On the street side, a change of color is generally not allowed if it affects the harmony of the facade of the building.