February 17, 2020
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office walls decor

Office walls decor-In offices they no longer carry the gray and lifeless walls typical of another era. The trend that comes is that our offices reflect personality, character and creativity to serve as a motor for employees and visitors. Our walls must express our personality and offer a current and unique image that is attractive and recognizable. We already talked about some of the most viewed trends in offices. And today we will see other examples of current office walls decor to inspire us.

The largest companies in the world bet on disruptive and cheerful office colors, to create entertainment areas. And even relaxation areas with grass where to take a good nap. It seeks to encourage creativity and make us feel at home at work. Not that all offices are going to become recreational parks. But we can give a layer of topicality. And trends to our offices to create the right climate. Are we going to see him?

Office walls decor with gradients

Office walls decor

The degraded effect or hombre is very topical both at home. And when decorating office walls, restaurants, shops … a very nice effect with which we can create spectacular. And very special walls that will surely cause a sensation. We can use it only on a wall to give prominence. Or decorate an entire room like this boardroom with a truly beautiful green hombre effect.

It can be a very interesting effect for common areas or relaxing to create interesting spaces beyond the same boring walls. And as for colors, there are many options. From using it in the same tone to mixing several tones according to the effect we want to achieve. For something has conquered some of the largest companies to decorate their spaces.


One of the colors of the season that will bring a good dose of vitamin. And life to any wall or corner. Yellow is the color of the sun and is closely linked with happiness. It has the power to boost mental activity and help you generate a pleasant. And optimistic climate. Maybe that’s why it’s a color used in offices. Although we should not go over it can be stressful in excess.

The yellow is perfect with all neutral tones from the lightest such as white. Beige or gray to the most intense shades of gray or black. A wild color when decorating office walls and highlighting a special element of the space. And to give life to a wall and create a space full of personality. This season do not let the yellow go long! All shades are taken from the palest to the darkest such as mustard.

We talked about them some time ago. They are composed of layers of chips spread randomly that need a smaller dimension. And therefore take more advantage of the raw material.

At first they were thought for structures and hidden from view but the greater environmental awareness has made them gain prominence in the buildings becoming part of their design. The offices and work spaces of today seek to create innovative environments with more creative.

And daring solutions to design environments that generate pleasant and motivating atmospheres for their workers. And the OSB panels can be the perfect, original and ecological solution that avoids us having to be thinking about what we will put on that wall.

Also if we are thinking of decorating office walls and place them in offices. Or common areas can have an additional use: become a mood board on which to inspire and where to leave our ideas exposed waiting for the right moment to put them in motion. Everything is advantages with sob panels!

Cement or papers that mimic it

The industrial style continues to trend and would not be less when decorating office walls. Unpolished cement walls are one of its characteristics that remind us of the old factories and warehouses where this style was born.

And in this context the walls with uneven finishes that seem to be unfinished. Or that have been left half-finished also find their space. One of the most used techniques to give this effect is to decorate them with watercolors for an uneven finish. Or you can find wallpapers to make it much easier to get this old-fashioned wall effect.

The cement walls are a classic of the industrial style, since many factories were made with this material. Now walls are created that imitate its texture or are covered with cement plates directly referring to the factories where they are inspired. The gray color is undoubtedly one of those that dominate this type of spaces although we can soften it with a warmer tone like brown or orange or more luminous like white. Do we bet on cement?

Send your message

Well, it is not technically a way to office walls decor but it is the element that stands out in many successful companies, the messages they send to their employees and customers. Messages that since we arrived at their offices surprise us and tell us about the philosophy and values ​​of the company. An idea that is not new but that every day is overcome by using more elements and effort in its design.

Together with the technological companies, one of the pioneers in this has been the co working companies that know that motivation is the key to success. And they work from their own offices.

Co working is a way of working in which different entrepreneurs, freelances and small businesses share a common work space. It is one of the phenomena that emerged from the digital age and many of these spaces launch motivational messages to its members from its walls.

Top ways to office walls decor that can serve as inspiration if we are thinking of redecorating the office or if we have to decorate it for the first time. All the spaces of an office should be studied but especially the common spaces must be taken care of with care as many people will go through them.

And from there we will be offering a vision of our company, from our philosophy to our values ​​it is important to take care of that image. And the walls are a primordial part where we start designing the image we want to offer to all who visit us.

The grid phenomenon for low cost office decoration

Bins, trays, chairs, baskets to organize or mood boards are absolute trend! Look for a complement that fits in your low cost office decoration and surrender to the fashion of the grid.

The trays and the baskets will be a very useful element to maintain order in the studio and thus be able to better organize all the objects.

As an inspiration panel it can also be very practical and decorative, in which we can attach samples, hang papers with the help of clips … it offers many possibilities!

A little fresh air

The plants cannot be lacking in the decoration of low cost offices. Not only connect us with nature and unite us a little more with the outside. But they are also a very healthy element for spaces with computers, heating and air since they purify the air.

We can also play with cactus and succulents that are resistant and do not need great care. In previous articles we learned to make incredible terrariums. Perhaps the studio is the ideal place to look beautiful?

We can also choose a collection of cactus and succulents that give a lot of play when decorating and with them decorate bookcases, shelves or windowsills to present our small collection of plants.

You saw the walls of inspiration!

I am of the opinion that a studio, inspiration boards or mood boards can not miss! No matter what we do, we will always find elements that inspire us in our projects, so having a space to visualize them as well as practical can be a very decorative element.

Something more traditional but effective are the cork walls or the magnetized slates and we can always hang our best ideas directly on the wall with a little whitepaper. But my favorite option is the clip folders that give a vintage and artistic look to the studio.

Although there will always be the most creative and ingenious options such as an old mattress, a used fabric or a delicate frame. Be that as it may, the inspiration board, do not miss!

Wind your cables!

In the work spaces a good order and an optimal organization will help us to achieve a better concentration and therefore better results. The space will look much more harmonious. And pleasant if we collect the cables in an original way so that they are not so ugly to the eye.

In addition to keeping the cables in a well-grated calla to avoid the space are messy we can always use the imagination and arrange them as original form as we proposed in this post.

So, there are many options that we have to give a new air to our works pace. A low cost office decoration is possible with a little skill and imagination.