February 21, 2020
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Modern interior with vertical gardens and unique lighting

Today, we make you discover a modern interior with vertical gardens and unique lighting. This modern design interior, designed by Room Design, represents a sophisticated gray palette enhanced by structured vertical gardens. Mustard accents in the form of modern cushions and chairs add a touch of gorgeous color to this modern mix.

The dark-hued house is illuminated, sketched and accented by prolific and carefully designed lighting schemes. The room lighting plans feature the latest innovations in track lighting: closet lighting, eye-catching suspensions, and modern wall sconces.

The lighting of the bathroom is also unique. The vertical gardens and the lights are not the only stars of the show here. Discover in images this modern interior and design. Each element, furniture, and decoration has been carefully selected. The result is obvious: a modern, functional and fresh interior.

A modern, functional and bright interiorModern interior with vertical gardens and unique lighting

In the dining room, we discover a modern chandelier that has been perfectly matched to the whole. Two modern wall sconces add to the lighting system, casting a glow on a dark wall, while a kitchen pendant duo illuminates the island.
In addition, cushions in mustard yellow appear inside the kitchen area, this time in an integrated window seat.

Modern dining chairs combine the color of the cushions with their upholstery. A large piece of black and yellow wall art completes the look. The living greenery settles in this palette of room decor in the form of a center table and planters.
The modern kitchen has been associated with wooden wall cabinets and adds some warmth to industrial and chic concrete walls.

Lighting plays a vital role in this modern and functional interior

.Under the lighting of the cabinet, we discover a kitchen backsplash and flooded. Two black swivel bar stools are installed under the suspended lights of the kitchen. This bar forms a small dining area perfect for breakfast, afternoon tea or aperitif. The kitchen is rather small, but furnished in a very functional way and offering plenty of storage space.

Here we are in the bedroom. Our attention is immediately drawn to the lighting composed of a strip of LED lights that cuts the edge of the wall of the headboard behind the platform bed. The bedroom has been simply furnished and decorated. We are always in the same palette of industrial color and refined: gray, white, wood and some elements in black.

The ceiling lighting in the bathroom is impressive.

The interior glass doors open to reveal a luxury bathroom, with a truly unique lighting design completely covering the ceiling of interlocking beams. It is impossible not to appreciate the sophisticated design of the bathroom.
A cascade shower falls behind a frameless shower screen. The modern interior of the bathroom is like a paradise of relaxation.

The bathroom has been designed in the same spirit as the rest of the house. The dominant colors are gray and white, but we can also see that the wood is much more present than in the bedroom. Wood has the magic power to warm the mood of a room as soon as it is present. This perfectly matches a bathroom style and refined with a touch of warmth.

The children’s room has been designed differently from the rest of this modern interior

.A lighter system is present in the child’s room. Children’s beds are bunk beds with a safety rail shaped like a cloud. A balloon light floats nearby. The bedroom has been designed in soft and light colors. Its atmosphere is magical and light. It’s impossible not to appreciate the tiny rocking chair.

The child’s bedroom also has its own private bathroom. It has its own vertical garden, which extends over an equipped bath. The floor was covered with wood. The idea of installing a vertical garden in the bathroom is a wonderful idea. In addition, it allows children to be in constant contact with nature.


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