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Modern bathrooms decor

Modern bathrooms decor is a fundamental task in our house. The bathroom or bathrooms, in a house, are a stay more than our home and also essential because, for the reasons that we all know, is the room that we use all the components of the family. And also the visits.

The decoration of this space must be designed according to our own style but, without forgetting that we must adapt it to the size (decoration of small bathrooms), to the taste of all and to the interior decoration of the rest of the house to create a decorative harmony. To find inspiration, we bring you different and varied styles in bathroom design and decoration.

As we always defend, we can mix decorating styles and dare to include our own details and launch our creativity to create personalized spaces.

Modern bathrooms decor 2019

We want to mention the game that contributes and with which we can count using decorative vinyl for bathrooms.  We can adhere to the crystals, tiles, walls … They are good decorating ideas because, in the vinyl everything is positive: they are simple to place, they are resistant to the humid environment, they can be easily renovated, they are economical and we can also find all the themes and sizes. And we could even get custom models on demand or made by ourselves.

Although of course, decoration trends in bathrooms  always allow us to apply all styles and create:

  • Modern bathrooms decor
  • Decoration of classic bathrooms
  • Decoration of rustic bathrooms
  • Decoration of modern minimalist bathrooms
  • Zen style bathroom decoration

And of course, the decoration of simple bathrooms.

Decoration of classic bathroomsModern bathrooms decor

Decoration of modern bathrooms in classic style does not necessarily have to be an old decoration. With the help of earth tones, accents with a touch of gold and bathroom furniture we can be able to create a classic yet modern style. To obtain the desired result, the ideal is to follow the lines of classical decoration and the choice of modern bathroom furniture.

It is essential to integrate, in some way, some element of the modern line that breaks with the decoration of classic environments of old printing. For example, it can be a chair, a painting or a mirror that completely breaks the environment and fits perfectly, giving that modern and sophisticated touch to space. In bathroom decoration magazines we can surely find many combinations.

The bathrooms made in classic style can use different materials but above all the decoration with marble and wood are usually the protagonists.

Modern bathrooms decor in minimalist styleModern bathrooms decor

In modern environments, the minimalist style bathrooms are mainly suitable for decorating small bathrooms. Because this style surrenders to what is essential and necessary, avoiding the superfluous and using simple lines.

The minimalist style is perfect when we need to save in the space occupied by furniture, we will give more importance to everything in its place and to the relaxing feeling that we get with a clean, simple and straight lines decoration style. If we decide on this style of decoration it is important that we give prominence to some object to obtain a personalized modern bathroom decoration. In addition, the minimalist style is perfect for any room.

Decoration of simple and functional bathroomsModern bathrooms decor

The functional style may be the option that, for many of us, is completely adapted, since a bathroom decorated in modern style can be considered much more practical when it comes to maintenance and cleaning. In addition to the bathtub, shower, sink, and all essential toilets. The modern style allows us to add bathroom furniture that fit according to the people who use them. And depending on the budget that we have.

Decoration of rustic bathroomsModern bathrooms decor

When we talk about the rustic style we do not want to talk about the feeling of being at the grandmother’s house, or maybe yes, but always with a current touch. The decoration of rustic bathrooms is a way to get warm and comfortable with modern materials. But its appearance and finishes take us back to the years of our ancestors. This decoration includes polished wooden floors, wooden beams, and rough texture, walls instead of tiles. Materials that contrast perfectly with the modern and contemporary lines that we can choose in sanitary ware. It will be one of the modern bathrooms decor ideas.

Decoration of Zen style bathroomsModern bathrooms decor

The decoration of modern bathrooms in Zen style, oriental style or feng shui get an invitation to discover the revitalizing sensation by the composition and combination of materials and designs. An indoor spa with an intimate and sober atmosphere will emphasize what is most important. The bathtub, which should be spacious and comfortable, as well as the objects that make you feel good; candles, salts, dim lights, ambient music.

Decoration of small bathrooms

When the dimensions of the bathroom that we wish to decorate are wide, the alternatives in the design increase proportionally. In the decoration of large bathrooms. We can afford to place ornamented toilets, a console with two sinks, make a shower area. And another area of ​​the bathtub, jacuzzi, spa … the imagination and creativity can fly using any style of decoration. All of them the colors allowed. In this way, a decoration of modern bathrooms with strong colors will never be recommended in small bathrooms. But in a large bathroom, it is advised.

The small bathrooms require more attention at the time of choosing the arrangement of all accessories. And bathroom accessories, furniture,  colors for bathrooms, lighting …  We have a special item for the decoration of small bathroom photos, ideas, and techniques.


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