January 19, 2020
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People have always called attention to the natural. Keeping in mind that nature was always our living environment, it is logical that we find it comfortable to live surrounded by furniture or decorations that come from nature or simply imitate it, therefore, everything that reflects open space, outdoors , green color, in short, everything that brings us closer to our mother nature will be welcome at home.

Large square planter, a wonderful idea

As I said in other comments, the garden and terrace are our small spaces where we return to our natural environment, with natural light and visits of some animals and insects that besides annoying remind us of our reign in the infallible pyramid of the planetary domain. But what about the natural plants, the real ones, the ones that need water and sun to survive, the ones that have a product color to the sap that runs through their bodies and move so elegantly to the wind?

We already have an elegant and fluffy artificial turf, we will not break it to plant natural specimens … some solution has to exist for the original nature to coexist and its most perfect imitation … and of course it exists and is called square planter.

As the name implies, these large square planters are made of wood or clay with autoclave treatment, this wood or clay has a long life in the harsh outdoor of your outdoor spaces. Placing plants inside are ideal for decorating your garden, terrace or balcony. Its dimensions makes them ideal for flowers and small shrubs that do not need large tracts of land to reach their adult size.

These will give your terrace or garden the magic touch necessary to take a giant step towards a purer air and a natural aroma even inside your house. In addition, the responsibility involved in growing plants is a stressful pastime for our day to day city noise and high speeds.

Now your terrace or garden will become the stop necessary after your exhausting hours of work, while you contemplate the last shoot of your garden and pick some flowers for the vase of your favorite table inside the home, flowers also grown by your hands, at that moment you will give thanks for having had the wonderful idea of buying the wood or clay square planter.