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key chains

key chains-In recent years, the verbs recycle and reuse has become daily in our language. If you want to join the green trend. You cannot miss our proposals of key chains with recycled elements.

Believe it or not, it is possible to create beautiful homemade key chains using those materials that often end up in the garbage. What do you have at home? Bottles, corks, torn clothes, beer caps? Everything works!

How to make key chains with recycled elements

make key chains

Discover below some of the best ideas for making key chains with recycled elements. Remember that, with creativity, you can reuse any material and create really practical and beautiful crafts.

Key ring with cork

This idea is super easy to make and very original.  You only need a key ring, a wine or champagne cork and, of course, your imagination. You can insert the cork as it is or cut a slice, sanding it so that it is perfectly smooth.

Bottle corks are ideal for making a rustic key chain. Do you have some at home? Do not stop putting this idea into practice.

Key chain with coffee capsules

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most original recycled key chains. Can you imagine carrying a coffee capsule in your pocket or purse? To do this you need: thick thread and needle, a glass, two coffee capsules and a key ring.

Empty the capsules and wash them well. Dry them and then, squash them using the glass. Join one capsule with the other, leaving the colored part out and take them. Join with the ring and ready!

Key ring with beer lid

After enjoying some beers at home, you can take advantage of the metal lids of the beer bottles. Wash them well, make a hole in the lid with the help of a punch and a hammer and insert the key ring. Give these key chains with recycled elements and smile a smile at your friends!

Key chain reusing fabrics

Do you have at home clothes that have broken or a tablecloth that is so stained that you cannot keep using it? Use these fabrics to create the design that you like, just fill it and insert the key ring.

The soda plates, those that allow us to open the cans, Key chain with soda chips

Are perfect for create an original key chain. You only need to join several, join them by passing a ribbon or rope through their holes, in such a way to unite them with each other, and incorporate the key ring.

Do you want to make a very original recycled key chain? Then he gathers several pieces of soda and follows this idea.

Key chain with buttons

If you have a box full of unused buttons at home, here’s the solution. Pass a rope or thick thread through the different buttons, creating a sort of bouquet. You will have a super colorful key chain!

Key ring using an old fork

To make this key chain you need a bit of skill. It is ideal to take advantage of old cutlery that we no longer use. The idea is to take a fork and bend two of its teeth, as if it were a hand flexing the fingers. Then, place the ring of key ring on the body of the fork and with the help of a hammer, bend it over the ring.

Key chain with baby shoe

Do you have a small child at home and his shoes have been small? This idea is great to take advantage of baby shoes. Tender key chain you will not find!

Key ring recycling bottle necks

Among our key chains with recycled elements we could not stop using plastic bottles. Cut the threaded part of the neck of the bottle with a scissors or cutter. Then, place it on a cloth and another covering it. Iron until the plastic melts and stays “flat”. Thick wire passes through the center of the pendant, screw it on top and on the ring.

Key chain with bracelet beads

If you have a broken bracelet, do not throw the beads. Use a rope to join them as you like, and then put a ring and you will have a different and fun keychain.

Have you broken some bracelets or necklaces? Take advantage of the material to make a colorful key chain. Too easy!

Key chain with Lego or domino

If at home you have toys that are no longer used, either because the children have grown or because pieces have been lost, do not hesitate and transform them into key chains with recycled elements for you and your whole family.

For example, you can take a Lego brick or a piece of domino and make a hole with the help of a punch and a hammer. Then, you should only go through a rope and attach it to a key ring.

Key chain with plastic box

Use one of the plastic boxes where blueberries or other fruits come for example. Wash the box well, dry it and then, paint on it the drawing that you like the most. Cut the figure and make a hole to insert the key ring.

Key chain with magazine flowers

Cut strips of magazine paper one centimeter wide. Roll each strip and put a drop of glue at the end of each strip so that there is a well-shaped roll. When you have several rolls, leave one with a round shape and lightly press the others to give them an oval shape, as if they were petals.

Place the round roll in the center and the petals around. When you are satisfied with the shape, take the center and place glue and go pressing the petals until you have the complete flower. Let dry well. Make a hole in a petal and there passes a small ring that you can then hook to the ring of the key ring. You can place as many flowers as you wish.

What do you think of these ideas for making key chains with recycled items at home? Try to make them with the children to give as a gift on some special occasion. They will like everyone!