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hall decoration ideas

Win this hall decoration ideas 2019 with these decorating tricks to make your house the most terrifying and amazing of all.

It is already around the corner of hall decoration ideas 2019, that date when houses are decorated with terrifying motifs and children walk the streets in disguise saying “trick or treating” while they fill their candy bags.

Little by little this celebration of Celtic origin with more than 2000 years old has been spreading all over the world. Especially thanks to television and American cinema years ago that Halloween night or Halloween has also been installed among us.

For the Celts the change of season allowed the barrier between the world of the living and the dead to be narrowed and the spirits could pass to the earthly world. Bonfires were lit and people wore costumes to scare the spirits away from the houses. If you also want to celebrate this year. We give you some terrifying ideas!

Hall decoration ideas 2019

Hall decoration ideas 2019

Receive your guests well

You already know that the first image is very important, so take care of it also on this occasion. Take the opportunity to put at the entrance of the house some reason that is already warning that today is not any night.

Another good option is to fill the bat door. Bats are another of the typical elements in the Halloween party and they are very easy to do with a bit of black card. This way when the guests arrive they will feel in a horror movie.

Do not miss the bugs

Are you afraid of spiders? Well, on Halloween you’ll have a hard time. Because it’s one of those dates in which spiders are protagonists as well as all kinds of bugs that come to decorate our homes … and our walls, even in drinks!

Spider webs are also another reason that can help us decorate any corner and are also very easy to do. Although you can also buy them already made. Or put them on dinner plates, we have fallen in love with this option!

Terrifying chuches

If there is something that kids love, sweets and in this hall decoration ideas 2019 is the perfect time to collect them. But this year surprise them with the most terrifying and fun sweets you can imagine.

It’s the night of the witches

So a reason as recurrent as the witches and everything related to them cannot miss. That special night. From the typical hats that you can make with cardboard. Or paper of pinocho to these incredible shoes. You can follow the DIY in the link and get the most wicked witch shoes in history.

But we can also resort to brooms, simple but very practical if we are talking about witches because they will allow them to move around the world. And they will give you very little work when it comes to assembling the decoration. So simple!

A gloomy environment … recycling

It is always a good time to recycle and this hall decoration ideas 2019 can be the perfect occasion to take advantage of those glass bottles. Or those cans that we had to recycle. Turn them into hall decoration ideas that will leave everyone with their mouths open.

Plastic or glass bottles can make a terrifying effect if we illuminate them from within. Nothing simpler and more effective. For example to decorate a staircase or the table of food.

Food that you will not know if you eat

Another of the great strengths on this date is to use the food that you will serve to remind everyone that we are on a very special date. Food that will be scary to eat … or the other way around, that will delight everyone if they are as fun and colorful as you are.

It is also surprising when setting up the table, you can use all kinds of motifs, but the cauldrons, the bugs and the black are a plus to any decoration that rocks. We also love those balloons with the face of few friends.

You just have to put a little imagination and you can turn your table into something very special. The colors black and white mixed with orange are the best option to be sure of hitting. Although you can also include greens or reds.

Ideas to decorate the room with flowers

 For a decoration to be complete, it is important that it has even a natural element. For example, flowers have a charm and a very essential value in interior decoration, and although they seem quite basic, they are very essential for the decoration of your room.

Remember, flowers are not only to bring color to the decoration of your home, but also give more elegance and life, especially if they are natural.

Ideas to decorate the room with flowers

The flowers are excellent to harmonize elegance with nature in a very perfect way and thus get to give the environment all the harmony it requires. If you see that your living room has an unpleasant. And heavy atmosphere, do not hesitate to add some natural flowers to the decoration.

The flowers are very cheap and very easy to obtain. As you can see they are a small detail that will bring a touch of color and freshness to your room.

At the moment of decorating your room with flowers you will feel as if you are giving the atmosphere shines. So I recommend you do not lose more time and go to the market to buy the flowers that you like and start decorating your living room.

Surely the first option that comes to mind, is to use in the decoration of your living room the classic vase. As it is an ornament that looks great in any corner or table.

Today you can find many designs of modern vases with very original colors and shapes. But you can also choose the old porcelain vases. As they do not go out of fashion for interior decoration.

Decorating the room with flowers

Another excellent idea is to decorate your living room without using expensive elements. I advise you to place beautiful flowers in a large glass bowl with water and use it to decorate your centerpiece that you have in your living room.

On the other hand, if you are looking for something more natural, then do not hesitate to place some plants with flowers in your room. But these plants have to be special for indoors.

If the natural flowers do not last long, you can choose artificial flowers. Since they are a more durable and very economical option.

If your room lacks space many times the decoration becomes a little complicated. Since many of the large furniture we like to have we have to leave them aside. But with this I want to tell you that you cannot decorate your small room yourself.

Today you can find many special furniture to decorate those rooms that lack space. Which can provide many functions and at the same time are very versatile and practical.

If your room is very small it is better that you only place furniture that is really simple and that fulfills more than one function. In order to avoid placing more furniture in the space. For example, sofa beds are ideal when you receive a visit in your home and do not have an extra room where they can rest at night.

In a room you never have to forget to install organizers. Because they are the most appropriate to keep the place well clean and tidy.

The most appropriate is to use tones that are clear. As they are perfect to create a sense of freshness, clarity and spaciousness.

To make your room look more spacious, I advise you to make a decoration that is simpler. For this you have to avoid using many accessories, especially on the walls. With regard to cushions, curtains, sofas, etc. They do not have to have designs that are very ostentatious.

Ideas to decorate the walls of the room

  • Paintings: Try to exhibit paintings of different sizes and styles, so you can give your room an artistic touch. But avoid recharging the environment. Since you would not want the atmosphere of your room to look like a museum.
  • Adhesive vinyl: This alternative is more current and modern. You can paste the adhesive vinyl on the walls that you like in a quick and easy way. They are very easy to clean and also resist strong blows.
  • Elegant curtains: If your room has windows, I recommend that you take advantage of them to decorate the entire space with elegant and long curtains. This type of curtains is perfect to give your room a sophisticated and distinguished style.
  • As you can see decorating a room with flora is very easy and simple, you only have to acquire those flowers that you like the most. These can be natural or artificial. The important thing is that they are of colors that really combine very well with the rest of the decoration.