February 21, 2020
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Decorated Bathrooms - Ideas to be inspired

Decorated Bathrooms РIdeas to inspire and transform one of the smallest environments of the house into an optimized and elegant space. With good planning, it is possible to decorate this space with functionality and style.  Because even though it seems difficult, organizing the elements of the bathroom is a very fun step. As the bathroom space is generally smaller than the other rooms in the house, you will not spend much on the decorating materials.

Decorated Bathrooms

Decorated Bathrooms - Ideas to be inspired

Just like for every other room in the house, it is important to design your bathroom design before you start decorating it. This ensures that no rework is necessary since everything has already been calculated and analyzed previously. With the project in hand, you can stipulate a budget. And work on a closed idea – which greatly facilitates the process.

If you do not consider it necessary to hire a professional to do this project, do it yourself. Simply draw the bathroom floor in a paper, remembering the proportion of the whole. And already including all the decorative elements.

As the trends are always changing, we separate some photos with the main trends that never go out of style. Check out!

Platforms and shelves

An object that can be single or split into pieces. But in any way necessary. Any type of support for objects is super functional in the bathrooms since we always have several items that need to be in sight and with easy access, such as shampoos, soaps, moisturizing, among others and also leaves bathrooms with a much cleaner look. In addition to being practical, the shelves can also be exclusively decor items. And you can opt for several types of colors as stronger to compose the style of your bathroom.

 Types of box

There are boxes of different materials and different models. This piece will make all the difference in the composition of the decoration, as it is a highlight piece. In addition to composing the decoration, the box is a key piece not to leave the bathroom wet when showering. Many people choose to place tempered glass box in bathrooms. But we can find a number of other models on the market, among them the famous curtains that are used in the United States and in various hotels around the world.

Using the tub

Everyone likes to have a bathtub to be able to relax from time to time, but sometimes they stop buying it because they think it takes up too much space. Here are some ideas to use the bathtub by optimizing space in the bathroom and also use it as a decoration item. It is mistaken who thinks that bathtubs can only be placed in very large bathrooms, because nowadays already exist compact models and of easy installation and with less consumption of water.

Composition of colors and textures

The most common is to see bathrooms in lighter tones such as white, nude or beige. But, making a good color composition is high, you can bet on stronger colors like orange, yellow and black. In addition, you should also bet on textures in the environment, whether on a wall or some decorative object.


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