February 21, 2020
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IF you have a large enough space to think about a luxurious kitchens design, or you just want to dream about ideas for one, this is the article you should read!

At this moment you will be thinking “what does a luxury kitchen mean?”. In this article, we will talk about it.

Personally, I think that a luxury kitchen is not necessarily by its dimensions, but by the details and design that we see in it.

It is probably difficult to make a kitchen with all the details that we would like (to consider it “luxurious”) in a very small space, like that of the new floors that are currently sold.

This is because we do not fit all the items that we would like to put in it, although it is never too long to review these items, as we can always get some decorating ideas for our home.

Space can sometimes be a problem because if we consider putting a lamp of tears, in a very small kitchen, it will probably be a waste of time and money since it will not look and look as good as in the kitchen of 50m2 of the top magazine in design.

A minor detail that must always be taken into account, because not everything that is seen in magazines or decoration blogs is applicable to your home.

You have to have your feet on the ground, which does not mean (as I said before) that you can take some ideas and take them to our family reality.

If your kitchen is limited in space, I recommend you also check “Decoration of Small Kitchens”.

In the photographs that we will see below, there are spaces created in a style, but they have some characteristics of other design currents. That’s the fun of decorating, we can mix some ideas, being the only important thing, your tastes.

After all, those of us dedicated to making pages of decoration and designs. We strive to show you new ideas and know more. And more of the trends so that you choose what you think best: your home, your tastes, your ideas.

The luxurious kitchens design

Luxurious kitchens design in Modern Styleluxurious kitchens design

I will begin by saying that the modern style is characterized by being a simple design, with straight lines and few ornaments. The adornments, in general, are functional. This does not mean that some entertaining elements such as lamps are not used.

This style is used by young people who seek the hygiene of spaces and functionality of their parts. Many times it is penalized for being an impersonal and unwelcoming style.

As I said before, you will see that in some spaces the modern elements are mixed with some other trend. Let’s review then the next gallery, I hope you can take many ideas for your home.


Luxury Kitchens in Vintage Styleluxurious kitchens design

The vintage style is characterized by making us travel in time, using decorative elements from different periods. In the same space, you can mix periods, as well as decorating along a particular line.

Within the vintage style, we can see many design trends. But for the purposes of this article, I grouped them under this same “vintage” title. So as not to confuse them and make reading easier. It is one of the best luxurious kitchens design.

Next, we will see classic luxury kitchens in this style. Where you can see that everything leads us to retake old memories. Especially if you were lucky enough to grow up in a large. And well-decorated kitchen like the ones we will see next.

Luxury Kitchens in Rustic Styleluxurious kitchens design

If by saying “rustic” you’re thinking something like your grandmother’s old country house, you’re right. The rustic style is a style very used in shelters type houses since the materials are mainly stones and wood.

This gives a friendly, comfortable and very homelike touch, from which few can go undaunted. Let’s see below some samples of spaces that were decorated luxury classic kitchens in rustic style.


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