January 19, 2020
  • 7:04 am When and how to plant peppers in your garden?
  • 3:28 pm Modern bathrooms decor, what is your style?
  • 3:45 am How to get rid of caterpillars in trees naturally
  • 5:38 am Large Square Planters for a Garden
  • 10:42 am 7 dangerous plants that you should not have in your home
Tips for interior decoration

Need tips for interior decoration? We understand as interior decoration a repertoire of combinations, strategies, and tips, to create a composition within the home, that makes us feel happy, comfortable and happy with the appearance and aesthetics of the spaces of our home. In this sense, there are many ways to achieve an interior decoration […]

Modern interior with vertical gardens and unique lighting

Today, we make you discover a modern interior with vertical gardens and unique lighting. This modern design interior, designed by Room Design, represents a sophisticated gray palette enhanced by structured vertical gardens. Mustard accents in the form of modern cushions and chairs add a touch of gorgeous color to this modern mix.