May 25, 2019
  • 5:03 am Air purifiers, allies against pollen
  • 2:54 pm 10 expert tricks to decorate your house
  • 11:10 am How to reuse the plastic containers that accumulate in the home?
  • 6:25 am 8 fruit trees that you can grow in your home
  • 2:21 pm Modern interior with vertical gardens and unique lighting
fruit trees

Fruit trees– Do you want the air in your home to be clean and free of bad energy? If so, you should place plants at home. In addition to the classic pots,

plants that absorb moisture

It is no surprise that we mention it in this article, but it is popular knowledge that a too high humidity rate in the interior of the house is not exactly what we need to live in a pleasant and even healthy environment. We share some plants that absorb moisture.

private garden

Private garden-To prevent pests from ending up in our garden, we must plant aromatic plants near the vegetables. In this way we will be able to drive away all kinds of insects.

potted mint plant

Potted mint plant-One of the most common and popular aromatic plants is mint. Mint is a plant known for centuries for its pleasant and intense smell,