February 21, 2020
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Air purifiers

An air purifier can be an excellent option when it comes to enjoying a cleaner and healthier environment. Above all, if you live in areas where the level of pollution is high.

The arrival of spring is a reason for joy for many, since it begins to improve the time. Temperatures begin to rise, there is lighter throughout the day, birds singing, bees, flowers and green shoots here and there. However, there are those who suffer several discomforts, mainly due to the pollen that spreads throughout the environment.

The itching of the nose and throat, watery eyes, runny nose and continuous sneezing prevent the allergic person from enjoying all the good weather. Although there is good news: air purifiers help filter and effectively eliminate pollen concentrations in the environment.

It must be remembered that spring is the period of pollination of the plants, with which, it is inevitable that the air is loaded with its pollen. In this regard, the Spanish Society of Allergy and Immunology indicates that the atmospheric pollution of urban environments makes the effect of pollen even greater; hence, people suffering from pollinators suffer more from the different symptoms.

What is your function?

Air purifiers

Air purifiers are very useful devices on a daily basis, as they help eliminate the number of thousands and thousands of microscopic particles that are potentially harmful to health and even bad odors. It should be noted that within these particles not only dust could be found, but also mites , animal allergens, mold, pollen, bacteria, viruses and chemical pollutants such as tobacco smoke and carbon monoxide.

Those who have already been encouraged to test the effectiveness of air purifiers comment that, today, they consider them an essential requirement to enjoy a cleaner and, above all, pollen-free home.

How do air purifiers work?

In large cities is where air purifiers have been most successful, given the high level of environmental pollution that exists. However, it is possible to take advantage of the benefits offered by these devices anywhere. With connecting the equipment to a socket, it starts to work.

Once installed, they adapt automatically. Then, when turned on, the air purifiers are responsible for cleaning the air from the environment in less than 10 minutes.

How do air purifiers work for babies?

Having an appliance like this at home is an excellent choice, since the help they provide to reduce pollution improves the quality of life of the baby and the family ; it is simply sensational, but how does it work?

It is a system of several levels of filtrates that are responsible for cleaning the environment. This device attracts dirty air by means of a fan that contains a pre-filter that traps the larger particles. Then, the air passes through a carbon filter and reduces odors.

Air purifiers for babies emanate negative charge ions to join positive particles. The process concludes when the device disperses filtered and clean air thanks to a fan.

Reduces the risk of contracting allergies or diseases

It is no secret that the air that is breathed on the street is a real problem due to the high levels of pollution. The most populated cities in the world can have contaminated air up to 60%, for various reasons.

When we get home, we carry in our skin and clothes the bacteria that we have collected in the street ; that puts the health of the whole family at risk. Air purifiers for babies keep the environment clean even though we bring with us many pollutants.

In addition, the effectiveness of their filters, the dust , animal hair and strong odors, among others, are eliminated.

Help with cleaning the home

Keeping the house clean and free of pollutants without the help of an air purifier is a very difficult task. In the air will always wander particles that can reach our body.

These particles put the health of the whole family at risk. The most indicated, then, is to perform a good weekly cleaning and help with the purifier, as it acts daily.

Fight bad odors

When a member of the family smokes, the smoke particles remain in the environment transforming into dust; the same happens with the smells of cooking and pets. Air purifiers for babies help eliminate these substances and improve air quality.

Some places in the house, such as the basement, the kitchen and the bathroom, are prone to harbor mold particles. These are very harmful to the respiratory system and the skin .

Air purifiers for babies contain several filters capable of trapping these particles and eliminating them effectively. It is clear that the contributions of this type of devices in the home are vital.

One of its main contributions is to provide environmental purity without causing side effects in babies. They also minimize the contagion of diseases, prevent respiratory problems, allergies and dispose of bad odors.

Likewise, they favor a better environment so that the tasks carried out in certain rooms are more pleasant, such as sleeping or studying.

For all these reasons, air purifiers for babies can only mean good things. This instrument is synonymous with environmental cleanliness, well-being, prevention and health for the whole family.

Air purifier for a healthier life

Would you like to eliminate the polluting substances that predominate in the different rooms of your house? The air purifiers will become a great ally to create a healthier environment.

The poor quality of the air inside our homes is a real problem that affects millions of people and it is precisely the air purifiers that become a great ally to combat this type of polluting substances and improve the quality of the air.  Being especially beneficial for allergic people.

Environments such as basements, kitchens and bathrooms are at risk of harboring mold particles that are highly detrimental to people with a high allergic sensitivity. By means of air purifiers it is also possible to trap these particles present in the most humid areas of our home. This technology will also be useful to treat asthma that has its origin in environmental pollution or in the presence of particles that can trigger allergies that, in turn, lead to asthmatic attacks.

Air purifier AC-75

The benefits that an air purifier can bring to our home are such that it would undoubtedly be an option to consider in our room. From our Health blog we recommend the AC-75 air purifier.

This complete model of purifier is able to eliminate virtually   all impurities in the air through its triple filtration system. Equipped with an ionizer that neutralizes dust, smoke and pollen particles, the HEPA filter of this purifier is effective against dust particles as small as 0.3 μ in diameter or larger. Its carbon filter acts against harmful gases thanks to the property of activated carbon.

Through its control panel its use will be very simple, with a very low noise level and the timer capable of covering from one to three hours; all this not to mention that it is suitable for stays of up to 25 m2.

What do you think of air purifiers? Have they helped you to create a healthier environment at home? Have you tried the AC-75 model of De’Longhi?

Finally, it is important that users keep in mind that air purifiers do not consume as much energy as an air conditioner, for example. And since its function is met in less than 10 minutes a day, the energy expenditure is low, in general terms.