February 21, 2020
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7 essential ideas for stone walls

It is elementary to pay special attention to the appearance of the different environments of the home. So that harmony is what reigns throughout the place.

While it is true that we all do not have the ease of hiring decoration and design professionals,  we can take ideas and find some guidance related to the subject, in order to achieve in our home a nice and cozy atmosphere. Next, we present you with seven ideas with  stone walls, so that you can materialize in your home, decorations worthy of admiration:

The stone: a natural and very decorative element that will enhance your home7 essential ideas for stone walls

It is a timeless decorative element that connects us with one of the most primitive aspects of our existence. Its naturalistic essence, without a doubt,  will give your home an ancient and mysterious touch that contrasts with avant-garde modernism.

Let’s see some ideas to include, correctly, this type of decorations in different environments of the house and with various styles:

The stone coating with a three-dimensional effect7 essential ideas for stone walls

This type of coatings consists of panels made with a material called polyurethane that simulates the stone and also have a design that gives an effect in three dimensions capable of completely renewing the appearance of a wall.

They are very light and resistant and also have the quality to isolate, both noise and heat. Its installation is really simple, so they are presented as an excellent alternative to renew any environment in your home. It is one of the best ideas for stone walls.

The river stones for a youthful and modern decorated with a three-dimensional effect

A  wall of small natural river rocks in various shades can give the room a colorful and completely dramatic look.

You can make design patterns with stones of similar colors and different textures that will give a fascinating kinetic effect. By combining the rest of the decorative elements of the room with the most outstanding colors of the mural,  a  very contemporary visual harmony is achieved.

In the bathroom, the walls of river stones are a success. It is one of the best ideas for stone walls.

Stone seems, but it is not

Stone murals in indoor environments are a trend today. If you are one of those who wants yours, but you think it is something too difficult to achieve, we tell you that currently in the market it is possible to find the coatings that simulate this rustic material. It is one of the best ideas for stone walls.


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